Brown Tail Moth

A survey of the island began in January by the State Forest Service and completed on April 7 by Pine State Pest Solutions of Auburn to assess for the presence of Brown Tail Moth (caterpillar) nests.  The purpose is to provide property owners the opportunity to have trees treated during the early spring, before the caterpillars emerge.  A map showing affected areas is below, and Pine State Pest Solutions has a list of properties, with the rough numbers and diameters of trees infested.  Please be aware that this is a best-effort exercise and the list may not include every property and tree affected.

Pine State Pest Solutions will be on the island during the week of April 19 to to conduct the treatments and assessments that have been requested by property owners.  Treatments will be at the property owner’s expense.  Islanders receive a discounted rate by consolidating the treatments during one period.  No one is under any obligation to have trees treated.  If you’re interested in having trees treated, or have questions, please contact or call the Pine State Pest Solutions dedicated phone line for questions by Frye Island residents at 207-333-5068.  You can also contact the Town Manager at with any questions.

The Town plans to treat trees on Town property where infestations might affect public access areas such as beaches,  the marina, etc., and to the extent feasible, the Town will treat trees on its properties, where infestations might impact abutting private properties.  

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