Web Cameras

Update 5/13/17 . We have implemented web caching of the images coming from the web cameras that can handle the load of all the islanders and those not on the island watching the cameras and wishing they were on the island.  The cameras are uploading images every 15 seconds with motion detection enabled.

The link to our two existing Island Landing web cameras is not functional, so we are using an temporary island view on a camera from the building.  Mainland2 Camera has been freezing up the last few days requiring reboots when it stops transmitting, so we will look at replacing it in the future.

Web camera's are viewable directly here.  Please delete any bookmarks or direct connections you had to the cameras.
Island Ferry Landing 1 - New Temporary
Mainland Ferry Landing 2
Mainland Ferry Landing 1
Island Ferry Landing 1 & 2
Unavailable at this time,

Updated 4/29/17 Web Cameras have been taken offline from public access.  These camera's are primarily for the use of the ferry crew and remain accessible to the crew in the ferry trailer.
On opening day 4/28 95% of the internet traffic was from public watching the web cameras.  3 out of the 4 web camera's crashed.  This unmanaged public access is negatively impacting ferry operations, at this time and will remain offline to the public until a better traffic management solution can be implemented.
We will look at pushing web cam photos up to cloud based webcam service so that we can restore this service in the coming weeks.

Other web cams on Sebago Lake