The Golf Committee will make the rules and decisions governing the operation of the Frye Island Golf Club, including the Club House and its facilities. The actions taken by the Committee will be subject to the approval of the FII Board and will take into consideration the responsibilities of the Island General Manager pertaining to the Golf Club.

The Golf Committee will have nine elected members. The FII Board will annually appoint a Board member as the Director, immediately after the Golf Committee elections. The size of the Golf Committee will be either nine or ten people, depending whether that appointed Board member is also one of the nine elected Committee members. The elected Committee members will serve three year staggered terms. An election for three openings on the Committee will be held annually. All active Charter Members (see Section 12 for definition of active Charter Member) will be qualified to run for the Committee and to vote in the election.

In the event of a vacancy in the Golf Committee, other than the Director, the position shall remain open until the next annual election at which time an active charter member will be elected to fill the balance of the vacated term.

In the event that the Golf Committee Director’s position becomes vacant, the Golf Committee can appoint a replacement to fill the position until the next election. This appointment requires concurrence by the FII Board before it is official for meeting the minimum quorum.

The members of the Golf Committee and the various sub-committees are contained in the Frye Island Golf Club Operations Handbook. That Handbook is updated annually in typically the March timeframe.

The care and upkeep of the Course will be the responsibility of the Head Greenskeeper (presently Jay Larrabee). He will have complete authority over the methods and means for maintaining the quality of the playing conditions. Designated members of the Greens Sub-Committee will be assigned to oversee the operation of the course and will be available to offer guidance to the Head Greenskeeper. Any suggestions and/or complaints about the Course by members should be directed to the Greens Sub-Committee

The Golf Committee will be responsible for the long range plans for improvements. A Long Range Plan was presented to the entire membership in 1995. It is updated during each winter meeting and will be available at the Golf Course at all times for review and comment by the membership. Golf Club members are encouraged to express their views to the Golf Committee to make sure there is an understanding of varying views of the membership.

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Posted: 05/08/2007