While the Frye Island golf course is currently only a nine hole course, it has been set up to allow a golfer to play eighteen holes with two different tees on each hole. A typical golf course would have the traditional blue, white and red tees. On Frye Island there are Gold, Silver and Red tees. Half of the Gold tees are similar to the blue tees and the other half are similar to the white tees. The Silver tees are similar half & half split. For a person wanting to play eighteen holes, the normal plan would be to play the Gold tees the first nine and the Silver tees the second nine. Something similar could have been done using the traditional Blue & White tees, but there would have been a noticeable change in difficulty in playing the the two nine holes.

The course has been not only rated for the Gold, Silver and Red tees, but the Front tees (normally White tees) and Back tees (normally Blue tees) have been rated. This allows a golfer to keep valid handicap scores in many ways, e.g. seniors may decide to play the Front tees and low handicap golfers may decide to play the Back tees. Now for the description of the each of the holes on the Frye Island Course click one of the hole numbers above.

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Blue Line

Posted: 03/11/2010