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DRAFT GROWTH ORDINANCE -- The Frye Island Planning Board is working on a Growth Ordinance. An 8/20/03  Draft of the Growth Ordinance is online in PDF format for your review.

SPECIAL TOWN MEETING -- A Special Town Meeting was called for Saturday September 6, 2003. The Warrant for the meeting and the two proposed Town Ordinances are online (Building Moratorium, and Impact Fee). At the meeting the Moratorium Ordinance was passed both the BIT and Town votes. The Impact Fee Ordinance was tabled until the October, 2003 Town Meeting by both the BIT and the Town.

GRAND LIST 2003 -- On Saturday August 2, 2003, the Assessor presented to the Board of Selectmen the results of the Frye Island property revaluations. That 2003 Grand List information is now online. During the next few weeks the Assessor (Bob Tripp) or his Assistant (Richard Main) will be available to meet with property owners on Saturdays (Bob Tripp) and on Mondays & Thursdays (Richard Main). The total value of the Town has risen to $87,696,100. Based on that value, last year's tax rate could have been $14.50 instead of the $38.60. To get an estimate of what your next tax bill will be, use the $14.50 rate times the assessed value of your property in the online table (this assumes that the Town Budget for 2004 does not go up).

In an analysis of the 2003 Grand List, the following conclusions were drawn:

INTENSE HURRICANE ISABEL CONTINUES  -- A Major hurricane is heading Northwest towards the United States East coast. The map below shows the storm track as of 5 AM Sept 18th. Click on the map to see a larger version. Further updates of the storm will be available on the NOAA website.


YACHT CLUB MEETING -- A Yacht Club Membership meeting is scheduled for August 31st at 10am, at the Community Center. Yacht Club Members, in good standing, will elect members to the existing Marina Committee, to fill positions left by members who have resigned, and also to elect members to fill the positions of those whose one year term is up. The Marina Committee will continue to provide representation for equity rights cert. holders (owners), as well as annual renewable slip renters at both the marina and at quail circle. There will be a short meeting of the newly elected Marina Committee immediately following the election. At this time, the Marina Committee will elect a chairperson. Any Yacht Club Member who wishes to serve on the Marina Committee, may add his or her name as a write-in candidate onto the ballot at 10am. If you have any questions, call Jeanne at 207-655-2454 or 978 948-7821. (VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO COUNT BALLOTS).

MARINA COMMITTEE ELECTION -- An election for 3 openings on the Marina Committee will be held at the Annual Frye Island Yacht Club Membership Meeting on Labor Day weekend. In addition to these positions, replacement members will be elected to serve the remainder of the terms of resigning members. The Marina Committee shall elect one of it's members as chairman immediately following the Marina Committee election. (contact Jeanne at 655-2454 for more info.)

PROPERTY REVALUATIONS --  The revaluation valuations are now complete and have been presented to the Selectman on Saturday August 2. We mailed a letter to you listing your value and estimated tax rate. If you are on the island this Saturday I will be in my office after the Selectman’s meeting till 3:00 and will be pleased to give you your new valuations.

The Assessor will be in on Saturday’s except for August 16 to meet with taxpayers. Also my associate Richard Main will be in the office on Mondays and Thursday during August to meet with taxpayers. Richard will not be available on August 7.

CHILDREN'S FAIR -- In case you missed the 2003 Children's Fair on Frye Island, or if you just want to check out the memories, take a look at the online report.

SENSITIVE AREA REPORT -- The Frye Island Conservation Commission has provided the website with a copy of a report done by the Maine Natural Areas Program (MNAP) that addresses the sensitive areas on Frye Island.

ICE OUT on SEBAGO LAKE -- A report completed by the Maine portion of the USGS pulls together data from twenty nine New England lakes showing when ice goes out of the lake in the spring. A summary of Sebago Lake Ice Out is available on this website.

TOWN & FII MEETING -- On Saturday July 5th at 9 AM the Town of Frye Island and Frye Island Incorporated Stockholders held their annual summer meeting. A copy of the Warrant for the Town Meeting is online. All of the items on the warrant passed. C. David Decker was elected to the position of Selectman for a three year term; James O'Connor was elected to the Executive Committee for a three year term. The following people were elected by the FII Stockholders to the FII Board of Directors for a one year term: Diane Babineau, Peter Bearor, Tom Bishop, Nancy Fournier, Richard Giggey, Carl Hommel, Richard Norris, Philip Perry, and Jan Roberts. Complete minutes of both meetings will be placed online after the formal approvals are given.

ATTENTION BOATERS/YACHT CLUB MEMBERS -- The BIT/FII joint meeting, to rule on grandfathering cases, will be held on Sunday, June 29th, 2003, at 9am (not 1pm), at the Community Center. Boaters seeking grandfathering are strongly urged to attend. All are welcome!

MEETING DATE/TIME CHANGE -- The date and time of the Selectmen / Executive Committee's meeting has been changed from Saturday June 21st to Friday June 20th at 8:00 P.M. at the Administration Office.

REVALUATION UPDATE -- by Bob Tripp, Assessor

We have made great progress in the course of the last month. All cottages through about lot 1200+- have been visited. At last count we have just under 100 cottages remaining. Richard Main has been scheduled for inspections on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Myself and Pat Dow have been working Saturday’s. As soon as a computer is made available I will start to update the cottage information in the computer to calculate values
We appear to be on track to have new value notices out to everybody no later than the end of July. I will be posting sales information for your review with in the next few weeks, both on the bulletin board and in the web site.

COMMUNITY CENTER NEWS:  A SUNDAY TO REMEMBER -- The memory bench dedication ceremony, on May 25th, was attended by close to 100 people.  It began with a delicious breakfast, followed by an opening prayer led by Rev. Dr. Gordon Talbot.  As the crowd moved outdoors, the skies cleared a bit, and endearing tributes were spoken by  families and friends, as each bench was dedicated.  Family members described what Frye Island has meant to them, and to their loved ones, over the years.   I would like to thank everyone who participated in this very special day, from those who provided food and beverages, to those who brought and shared their stories and memories. A special thanks goes out to Ernest "Ozzie" Osborne,  who not only made and set up the benches, but who also, along with his wife Karen,  donated a large picnic table for the area.  The Hadley, Aronson, Hall, Stafford, Donovan, Welter, Amato, and Molloy families and friends, not only provided us all with beautiful benches for the playground, tennis courts, basketball court, and community center, but they also provided everyone present with a renewed appreciation of how lucky we all are to have our own Frye Island memories, including this one. -- Sincerely, Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey

ATTENTION BOATERS --  Grandfathering cases will be heard on Saturday, May 31st, at the Yacht Club Membership/Marina Committee meeting. Although it is not mandatory that boaters seeking grandfathering present their cases before the Marina Committee, it is an opportunity to do so, prior to the Marina Committee submitting their recommendations regarding grandfathering to the FII Board. If you have any questions contact Jeanne at 978 948-7821 or 655-2454.)

MARINA NEWS  --  On Sat., May 31st, at 9am, a Yacht Club Membership/Marina Committee "working" meeting, is scheduled, at the Community Center.  Those who plan to attend, should bring copies of the 1996 and 2003 versions of the Frye Island Yacht Club Policy Operations Handbooks, from which to work and reference. These documents are available on the Frye Island webpage and in the town office. Those without computer access, may request these documents, in advance, from the town office. The public is welcome to attend.

COMMUNITY CENTER NEWS...MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!  --  On Sunday, May 25th, at 10am, several "memory" benches will be dedicated at the Community Center (rain or shine). Please join the Hadley, Aronson, Amato, Donovan, Welter/Hoffman, Stafford, Hall/Trembley, and Molloy families in this special time of reflection and celebration of life. Food and refreshments will be provided.(contact Jeanne for more info at 655-2454).

FII MEETING DATES -- The next meeting of the Board of Directors of Frye Island Incorporated has been changed from  May 9 to May 23. The meeting will be at 8:00 PM at the Community Center (time & location change). Another meeting will be held on June 13th at 8 PM in the Administration Building.


Marina Committee Message  --  The Marina Committee meeting, still scheduled for May 17, 2003 at 9:00 a.m., at the Community Center, will be an excellent opportunity for the Yacht Club membership to meet with the Marina Committee.  This meeting can be a positive and productive first step toward putting rumors to rest, clearing the air, and joining in our efforts to achieve many common goals.  The Marina Committee plans to make a public statement about our strong pro-grandfathering stance, as well as our willingness to be flexible regarding user fees for multiple slips.  We, as a committee, realize we are only an advisory body, but we wish to fairly represent the entire Yacht Club community.  We have always desired your input and involvement and now we could use your full participation more than ever.  It should be noted that the Marina Committee did not hold any meetings during the entire off-season.  So, please add our names to the list of concerned Yacht Club members, as we ourselves are extremely displeased with how our efforts have turned out.  Like you, we hope it is not too late to get it right and do it right.  Please note we have scheduled a Yacht Club membership meeting to be held on May 31, 2003 at 9:00 a.m. at the Community Center.  The May 31, 2003 meeting will be an additional opportunity for boaters seeking grandfathering to have their cases heard.

Signed,  The Marina Committee

Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey (Marina Committee Chair and FII Board Member);
Peepsa Amato; Bob Russo; Tim McCarthy; Tim Toomey;
Walt Hensel; Ken Dolloff; Dennis Stafford

Revaluation Update By Bob Tripp, Assessor

The field inspection phase of the Frye Island revaluation will start up again on Saturday May, 10, 2003. Over the next few weeks myself and three professional assessors will be visiting the  cottages on the island that weren’t inspected in the fall. In order to expedite the project I have enlisted the aid of Richard Main, former Freeport Assessor, Pat Dow, Windham Assistant Assessor, and Matt Sturgis, Cape Elizabeth Assessor. All three are Certified Maine Assessors and have many years of experience between them.

They will be reviewing the current information in the assessing records on each cottage and verifying the dimensions. Any changes will be noted on the new property record cards. Digital pictures will also be collected. If the cottage is vacant they will inspect the exterior and note if a later interior inspection is necessary. They will also make note of land details of importance. If we are unable to view the interior of your cottage you may make an appointment at a later date when you may be on the island.

The goal is to complete all inspections by mid to late June to allow valuation notices to be available in late July. At that time I will be available on Saturdays to discuss the new values and conduct any re-inspections that are necessary. I will be posting a list of recent sales, both on the website and the bulletin board at town hall. The final valuations will have to be ready for the fall town meeting. You should remember that although the property valuations will increase substantially, the tax rate will drop. Your tax may not increase, depending on several factors.

MARINA NEWS -- Due to the late opening of the island, the Marina Committee meeting, originally scheduled for May 10th, has been re-scheduled for Saturday, May 17th, at 9am, at the Community Center. The primary focus of this meeting will be to hear the individual cases/requests for grandfathering by multiple slip renters, who wish to present their cases to the Marina Committee. This is an open meeting, and as always, the public is welcome to attend.


  1. Hear grandfathering requests

  2. Review assignments/waiting list

  3. Discuss revised policy changes

  4. Other

ISLAND UPDATE -- Ladies and Gentlemen, the ice is out!! I was able to get to the Island this morning with Kevin. We drove most, if not all, of the Island and everything seems to be in pretty good condition. There were a lot of branches down and one tree across the road on Leisure Lane. Kevin and the PWD worked today to clear the branches and the tree from the road. We are working with CMP to restore electrical power to the Island. The Island will open for residents on Wednesday May 7th. The first ferry will leave the mainland at 7:30 A.M. Please help pass the word to those you know that do not have access to this e-mail or to the web-site. We will be curtailing operations in the winter office starting on Thursday May 1st to pack for the Island. We will be moving on Monday, May 5th and ready to open on Wednesday May 7th.

We have scheduled to have the old docks installed in the Long Beach Marina during the week of May 18th. The new docks for the Marina will be installed shortly after the old ones are in place.     ...   Wayne

MARINA COMMITTEE MINUTES 2002 -- The minutes of the 2002 Marina Committee meetings are now online.  Select Documents, then Town Documents and then Marina Committee on the menu system on the top left corner of this page; then when the new page appears, click on the date of the meeting desired. The dates of the next Marina Committee  meetings are as follows; the public is welcome and encouraged to attend:

Sat. May 17th @ 9AM at the Community Center
Sat. May 31st @ 9AM at the Community Center

REAL-TIME PHOTOS OF SEBAGO -- There is a site on the Internet that produces online digital photos of Sebago Lake, looking from the eastern shore of Jordan Bay towards Mount Washington  To check it out, select About Frye Island, then Sebago Cam on the menu system on the top left corner of this page. Thanks to Cappy & Grace for finding this site and to John Crosby for passing on the information.

YACHT CLUB POLICY -- The final edition of the 2003 Frye Island Yacht Club Operations Policy (and Addendum) is now online. In addition, the boat slip assignment information for Long Beach Marina and Quail Circle Canal is online.  To check it out, select Documents, then FII Documents on the menu system on the top left corner of this page; then look for the  information described above.

BULLETIN BOARDS -- There are now two bulletin boards on the Frye Island website for Islanders to use. The first bulletin board is to assist in the rental/sale of boat slips. The second bulletin board is to assist in the rental/sale of cottages. To check it out, select Documents, then Bulletin Boards on the menu system on the top left corner of this page

WINTER NEWSLETTER -- The 2003 Winter Newsletter is now online. Select Documents, then FINS on the menu system on the top left corner of this page.

Maine Island Property Owner's Forum -- A new forum for Maine island property owners is now available on the Internet at http://www.onisland.org/. It addresses a number of issues that are unique to island living and is non-commercial..just a grass roots effort by a group of individuals. Participation by any interested Frye Island property owners is welcome and we would be delighted if you could help us spread the word.

GOLF COMMITTEE MINUTES -- The minutes of the September 29, 2002 and the February 1-2, 2003 meetings are now online.  Select Documents, then Town Documents and then Golf Committee on the menu system on the top left corner of this page; then when the new page appears, click on the date of the meeting desired.

FAMILY PARK -- One of the highlights of the 2002 season on Frye Island was the opening of the Frye Island Family Park. An overview of the grand opening is now available online for those who missed it, and for those who would like to remember the fun.

TRANSPASS TO E-Z PASS UPDATE -- In the Winter 2003 Newsletter of the Maine Turnpike Authority (received 1/11/03) they indicated that the software and hardware experts are working diligently to convert the Transpass System to an E-Z Pass System by the first quarter of 2004. The current system handles about 100,000 accounts. When the system converts to E-Z Pass it will be able to handle literally millions of E-Z Pass accounts. The Turnpike Authority has hired TransCore to handle the conversion.

ELECTION RESULTS -- The Frye Island results of the November 2002 Election are now online.

TOWN MEETING DATES -- The Selectmen have scheduled winter meetings for Dec 14, Jan 25, Feb 22, Mar 22, and Apr 19. The meetings will begin at 9 AM and will be held at the winter Town office, i.e. 32 Tandberg Trail, North Windham.

FII MEETING DATES -- The Board of Directors of Frye Island Incorporated met on December 7, 2002 at 10:00 AM at the Hampton Inn on 277 Boston Post Road, Marlborough, MA; the next winter meeting will be on March 8, 2000 (same time & place). The first two meetings on the Island will be May 16th and June 13th at 8 PM in the Administration Building.

ISLAND MANAGER COMMENTS --We will be moving to the "Winter Office" on Thursday November 7th and it won't be any too soon. It has been extremely cold on the Island this past week. The temperature in the office has barely reached 50 degrees and a number of cottage owners who stay until the end have reported frozen water lines.

We anticipate a very busy winter. Work on the Ferry Haul-Out system has begun. We are working with a consultant to evaluate our water system, and we will be continuing the process of purchasing the property approved at the October Town Meeting. In addition, we will be reviewing all of our insurance policies (Employee Health and Town Property), Ferry Operating Policy, and our Banking procedures. We will be integrating the operation of the Marina and the Golf Course into the town and reviewing / establishing Standard Operating Procedures for all of our activities. We will also begin preparation of the Annual Town Report for the July Town meeting. In conjunction with this, I will need a report from all of the committee chairpersons describing their activities for 2002 including committee members, projects, financials (money received / money spent) etc. If you need help or information please let me know. This report is for the Fiscal / Calendar year 2002 so you can start preparing any time as most of the activities have ended.    

As our policies and procedures are developed they will be added to our Web Site, and I will crank up the E-mail distribution chain to inform you. If you have friends or relatives that own property on the Island and they are not on our distribution list but want to be have them send me their E-Mail address and they will be included.

I hope you have a great winter.  ... Wayne

TOWN MEETING & BUDGET -- All of the items on the Warrant for the 10/12/02 Town Meeting were approved. The minutes of the meeting have been placed online. The 2002 Grand List (used to produce the tax bills for 2003) is now online.

Posted: 03/11/2010