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VERY SAD NEWS  --  On Tuesday, December 13, 2005, at 08:41 AM, our friend Don Nolen passed away at his home in Marlborough MA. He was discharged from the hospital the day before and sent home. As I am sure you know Don, was a long time Frye Islander, a founding member of the Frye Island Fire Department, a member of the Planning Board and an employee of the Island Public Works Department.

Here are the arrangements for our friend Don: Wake, at the Flaherty Funeral Home, Pleasant Street, Marlborough, MA, Friday, December 16th, 4 to 8 pm; Funeral, Saturday, December 17th, 10 am at Saint Mathias Church, Hemmingway Street, Marlboro Mass; Interment at Evergreen Cemetery, Marlborough, MA. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made to the Town of Frye Island, Fireworks Fund, 1 Sunset Road, Frye Island ME, 04071

     Reported by John Crosby

2005 GRAND LIST  --  The Town of Frye Island 2005 Grand List that was used to produce the tax bills for 2006 is now online. The first half payment for the 2006  tax bill is due the end of December, 2005.

TOWN & FII MEETINGS OCTOBER 8th  --  A strong attendance was present at the meetings. One hundred fifty-three voters were present at the meeting, more than double the attendance of the October 2004 meeting. The FII Stockholders heard a report of the 2005 finances and approved the 2006 budget. The following bullets highlight Town/BIT voting on warrant articles:

  1. Joe Potts elected as moderator

  2. Proposed revision of restrictions on accessory buildings was defeated

  3. Financial year changed to a Calendar Year (Jan 1 to Dec.31)

  4. The 2006 Town budget was passed as presented

  5. Town meetings reduced to one/year on Columbus Day weekend 

  6. Approved semi-annual tax payments of Jan 1 & July 1

  7. Voted to set the highest interest rate allowed by law for all overdue taxes

  8. Approved $275,000 use of Fund Balance for "Willis Property”

  9. Approved funding 50 students if released from current arrangements

  10. Established three enterprise funds consisting Ferry, Golf and Marina

  11. Approve establishing a Ferry Operating Reserve

  12. Held Non-resident ferry ticket at $20.00

  13. Held Resident ferry ticket at $10.00

  14. Retained 2005 Ferry Fee Schedule; septic tankers ride no charge

Detailed minutes will be posted online when they are drafted and approved. See the online warrant article wording for complete text.

MORE TOWN RECORDS ONLINE  --  The Town of Frye Island is making good progress in converting office files from paper to electronic, and then placing the information on the Frye Island website. This work accomplishes three key functions: (1) providing a safe way to store documents, (2) eliminating the need to move paper files off Island during the winter months and (3) making the office files easy to access for Islanders. There are two types of office records now online for your review.

First, the conversion is now complete for more than half of the lot files, i.e. lots #1 - #900, in the office; the remainder will be added soon. To restrict access to these files by any of the Internet search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo) an ID and password is required to view that information. Information on getting access to that information is on the website. The lot files can be found using the menu system in the top left corner of the FI homepage; look under "Find Information", then "Topic Index", then “T”, then the “Lot Files” entry.

Second, the Section Maps (i.e., the original subdivision plat maps for the development on Frye Island) are now online. These maps show the detail dimensions and pin locations of the Island lots. All of the Frye Island Maps can be found using the menu system in the top left corner of the FI homepage; look under "Documents", then "Town Documents", then "Island Maps", then select . Don’t be surprised if the image of the section map is unreadable when it is downloaded to your Internet browser. The later versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer automatically resize an image to fit the PC screen. The sections maps are in the 2’x3’ page size. Just tell Internet Explorer to enlarge the view. If you have a graphics program on your PC (usually provided free with a digital camera), you can download the section map, and then use the graphics program to crop the large image to something you can print on a single sheet of paper.

TOWN & FII MEETINGS OCTOBER 8th  --  The Town Meeting and the FII Stockholders meeting are scheduled for Saturday October 8th. Registration begins at 8:15 AM on 10/8/05 at the Community Center. The Agenda for the day is online; it contains links to the Town Warrant, Town Budget, and FII Budget.

STATE OF THE LAKE  --  The Portland Water District has produced a very interesting report entitled Sebago Lake - State of the Lake 2005. A copy is located on the PWD website, but beware that the file is over 5M in size so downloading to a dial-up line will be very slow. One of the interesting statistics given in their report is the number of septic system permits for Frye Island, shown in the graph below. Looks like the Growth Permit Ordinance implemented in 2004 is doing what was intended.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE  --  There is an interesting page to Test Your Boating Knowledge on the Boat/US website. If you have the time, check it out. It provides some interesting insights to general boating and the use of personal watercraft.

A WORD ON CONSERVATION  --  Did you know that the Town of Frye Island has a Conservation Commission? They have been instrumental in initiating a movement to save green space on the Island. The walking trails on the Island (see paragraph below) is one of their recent products. Check out an article from the Chairman of the Conservation Commission, Ed Charrette titled "Conservation - Who Cares?". There is be more coming to the website describing there activities and how you can be a part.

MEMORIAL BENCH DEDICATION  --  Have you seen the new granite bench at the Island ferry landing? Please check it out. It is a memorial bench in honor of our past Island manager Vic Richards. A dedication ceremony was held on Sunday July 3rd. He was a great friend to all Islanders.

WALKING TRAILS  --  The Frye Island Conservation Commission has put together information on the walking trails on the Island. A current trails map, in simple one-page format, is available in the office and online. These trails are a work in progress. As things are improved, the map will be updated.

ELECTRONIC CONVERSION  --  The Town of Frye Island is in the process of converting office files from paper to electronic. This conversion is being driven from two directions: (1) providing a safe way to store documents, and (2) eliminating the need to move paper files off Island during the winter months. Another plus to this conversion is making the office files easy to access for Islanders. Approximately one-fifth of the lot files have been converted to date, i.e. lots #1 - #148. These files are now on the FI website for Islander review

ISLAND MEETINGS  --  The Annual Meeting of the Board of Island Trustees and the Town of Frye Island will be held on Saturday July 2nd at the Community Center. Registration begins at 8 AM and the meeting will start at 9 AM. The Warrant for that Town Meeting has been posted on Island. Also that morning will be a Stockholders' Meeting of Frye Island Incorporated. Stockholder registration will be done during the 8-9 AM period, and the meeting will start shortly after 9 AM. The only item of business on the Stockholders' Meeting is the election of Board of Directors; announced candidates are listed in the 6/24/2005 FINS on page 5.

VOTING INFORMATION  --  The first Saturday in July there will be a Town Meeting and a Meeting of FII Stockholders at the Community Center on Island. The voting procedure is described online, along with a listing people on the Board of Island Trustees, and a listing of FII Stockholders. Please check this information to verify if you can vote at the meetings. If there is a problem, please contact Joe Potts as soon as possible.

SPECIAL TOWN MEETING  --  There were two public hearings in May and a May 28th Special Town Meeting concerning the purchase of undeveloped property on Raymond Cape by the Town will be held. A letter was sent to Islanders announcing the schedule.

CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT  --  The Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland will be having a golf tournament on Monday June 13th. The tournament will benefit the construction of the second house in Naples, ME. Joe Potts is in the process of organizing one or more teams of Frye Island golfers to play in the event. The tournament will be held on the Lake Kezar Country Club course. How about joining a group of Islanders in having fun and doing something special for a Maine organization (i.e, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland) that is doing wonderful things for the people of Maine? The registration form is online on the Habitat website. If you are interested in playing on a Frye Island team at this tournament, please contact Joe Potts.

FERRY SCHEDULE  --  Revised ferry schedule issued 5/5/05.

OPENING DAY UPDATE  --  The  first ferry to Frye Island was 7 AM on April 29th. Our Town Manager released the following comments on 4/29/05:

  • ROADS-----The Public Works Department has been working very hard to get the roads in shape for the opening but Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with us. (We are trying to decide if we should start building an ark.) We have had a lot of heavy rain lately and the forecast is for more rain during the next few days and showers again this weekend. Consequently, the road ways are very wet and very soft, especially the sides of the roads. So be very, very cautious when traveling on Island roads. It is very easy to get stuck on the soft shoulders. The Island does not provide a towing service so it could be time consuming and expensive to get a towing service from the mainland if you get stuck.

  • WATER SYSTEM-----The water system is in operation and every thing appears to be working well. However, during the start-up process, it is necessary to increase the chlorine levels in the system to get proper disinfection after being shutdown all winter. These chlorine levels have been reduced for normal operation but you may smell a slight chlorine odor when you start-up your home. If you just run some water through your system to flush the lines the odor should disappear.

  • TRANSFER STATION-----The “low season” schedule will have the Transfer Station open on Saturdays from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and on Sundays from Noon to 5:00 P.M. except on holiday weekends when the transfer station will be closed on Sunday and open on Mondays from 8:00 A.M. to Noon. This schedule is for the disposal of household trash as well as non-household debris (Leaves and branches, furniture, metal goods, construction debris etc. everything that doesn’t go in the small bagged trash containers) There will be no fee charged for the disposal of bagged household trash; however, a fee will be charged for the disposal of non-household trash.

  • GOLF-----If you are planning to play golf this weekend you should be aware that the course is very wet from all of the rain. Therefore, NO GAS / ELECTRIC GOLF CARS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE GOLF COURSE UNTIL IT DRIES OUT SOME. Please help us protect the course by abiding by this restriction.

2005 FERRY SCHEDULE ONLINE  --  When you use the menu system in the upper left corner of this page (select Documents, then 2005 Ferry Information, then Schedule), you can view the 2005 Frye Island Ferry Schedule; it is in PDF format so you can view it on your PC or make a copy on your printer (duplex printing can be used, if your printer has that capability). The first ferry run in 2005 is 7 AM on April 29th.

PROPERTY USAGE SUMMARY  --  The Town of Frye Island is the responsible party to track the development on the Island. In the Leisure Living/PWD consent decree (1974) and the MSC/FII/PWD consent decree (1990) there were limits placed on the Island development, i.e. a maximum of 750 septic systems and a maximum phosphorus export of 27.700. The results of the analysis based on the 2004 Grand List is contained in the 2004 Property Usage Summary - Frye Island, ME, report. This report indicates that we are currently at 451 septic systems and a 7.924 phosphorus export. If all of the undeveloped land in private ownership is developed, the report indicates that there will be 771 septic systems and a 23.243 phosphorus export. Since the 771 figure exceeds the allowable development, the Town will have to take action to reduce the 771 number to 750. In October, 2003 the Town Voters approved a Growth Management Ordinance that limits the number of building permits to 15 per year. This means that the 750 limit would not be potentially exceeded until the year 2024. Over the past years, the town has been acquiring property due to default on tax payments, averaging 4-7 lots per year. If that trend continues, the exceeding the 750 limit problem will be corrected in less than six years.

FREE GOLF!  --  GOT YOUR ATTENTION?  The Frye Island golf club is seeking qualified individuals for full or part time employment; this would be a seasonal position. Duties will consist of working in the golf pro shop and leisure lounge. Salary and schedule are available by contacting Laura Crosby, by e-mail at jcrosby08@pivot.net. Free golf is available to all golf employees who work at the golf club.

VIRTUAL HERBARIUM  --  There is online Virtual Herbarium. The virtual herbarium is Maine's online resource for aquatic plants. Browse through the collection to help you identify the plants harmful to the lake.

WATER QUALITY  --  The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program has released their Winter 2005 newsletter called The Water Column. There are some interesting articles on invasive plant life coming into Maine lakes.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC  HEARING  --  The Town of Frye Island, in accordance with the requirements of the Liquor Laws of the State of Maine, will hold a public hearing on Saturday March 19th, 2005 to hear comments from the general public regarding the application for renewal of the Liquor License for Frye’s Leap Cafe. The hearing will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, Saco, Maine at 9:00 A.M.

EZ PASS COMES TO NH -- The New Hampshire tolls are being converted to an EZ Pass toll collection system, installation by Spring 2005. An article on the NH website (PDF format) provides details. The Maine electronic toll collection system is being converted to EZ Pass by February 2005. Currently tolls booths in NY, MA, NJ, PA, MD, DE, WV, and VA accept EZ Pass. Other states are expected to follow suit.

WINTER TRIP  --  David Bond made a winter trip out to the Island the last weekend in February 2005. The pictures taken were turned into a simple video and placed on the website:

Low Speed Access Lines  |  High Speed Access Lines

It was Derby Weekend and the lake was packed with activity. Local media reports stated there were tens of thousands of people either taking part in the Derby or attending events. As an aside, there are many trees and wires down from the big snowstorm a couple of weeks ago. The snow on the island is 2 feet deep and the Lake ice is 12-14 inches thick compared to 2 feet thick last year

FERRY CHANGES FOR 2005 -- The Voters at the October, 2004 Town Meeting have approved changes in the Ferry operation effective in 2005. The Ferry User Fee Schedule and the Ferry Run Schedule to be used in 2005 are now online (documents in Adobe PDF format). The 2005 Town Budget was also approved at that meeting, and makes use of the new ferry operations changes.

GRAND LIST ONLINE -- The 2004 Grand List for the Town of Frye Island is now online. This Grand List is the one that was used to produce the property tax bills in November, 2004 (due December 31, 2004).

ELECTION RESULTS -- The results of the voting on Frye Island for the November, 2004 election are now online for Islanders to review.

Notice of Public Hearing   --  The Town of Frye Island, in accordance with the requirements of the Liquor Laws of the State of Maine, will hold a public hearing on Saturday February 26th, 2005 to hear comments from the general public regarding the application for renewal of the Liquor License for the LEISURE LOUNGE at the Frye Island Golf Club. The hearing will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, Saco, Maine at 9:00 A.M.

SELECTMEN MEETING -- The February Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting has been rescheduled from February 19th to February 26th.

FREE GOLF!  --  GOT YOUR ATTENTION?  The  Frye Island Public Works Department is seeking qualified individuals for full or part time employment; this would be a seasonal position. Work would consist of any or all of the various duties performed by the Frye Island Public Works Department. Salary and schedule are available by contacting John Crosby, Director of Public Works by e-mail at jcrosby08@pivot.net. Free golf is available to town employees who work a minimum of twenty hours per week, some restrictions apply.

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