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BOARD of SELECTMEN CHANGES -- At the October 20, 2006 Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting John Nun was elected to the position of First Selectman, and Bruce Nisula was elected to the position of Chairman of the BIT Executive Committee. Jim Kuiken announced that he was resigning as Selectman effective this meeting. At the December 14, 2006 Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting, Grace Morin was appointed to fill the vacant Selectman position until the Town voters can elected a permanent replacement at the October, 2007 Town Meeting. The next Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Saturday February 17, 2007.

ANNOUNCEMENT  --  Please join the Stafford family in celebrating the life of

Newspaper Notice
November 3, 1936 - October 8, 2006:

Saturday, November 4, 2006, 11:00 a.m.

Idlewild Baptist Church
Main Sanctuary
Lutz, FL

Reception to follow

Saturday, November 11, 2006, 11:00 a.m.

Westerly Road Church
25 Westerly Road
, NJ

Reception to follow

FRYE ISLAND NEWS SERVICE  --  The Oct 13th FINS for the week is online; this is the last FINS for the season. Check it out for news, calendar, etc. An archive of past FINS is also online and can be access by using the menu on the top left -- select "Documents", then select "FI News Service (FINS)".

GRAND LIST for 2006  --  The Grand List for 2006 is now online.

SEBAGO LAKE WATER QUALITY  --  Portland Water District does regular testing of water quality in Sebago Lake. Check out the current tests they did relative to algae.

TRANSPORTATION REPORT  --  Under the auspices of the Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee (BoS/EC), a Transportation Committee was created to work with the Town Manager to make an assessment of the Island Ferry System. A September 2006 Report was released by the Committee which includes their recommendations concerning the future operation of the ferry system. This input is now being reviewed by the BoS/EC to determine what might be the next steps in the process. A copy is available on the website for Islander review.

REVISED FEE STRUCTURE  --  In the process of preparing the 2007 Town Budget, the Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee have determined the fee structure for construction on the Island does not cover the Town expenses associated with the new construction. The Fee Structure has been revised to cover the expected Town expenses associated with new construction. These revised fees went into effect September 23, 2006.

BEACHES ON FRYE ISLAND  --  A beach homepage has been created for the Frye Island website showing photos from the shore and from the water. Check out the information and then check out a beach you have not visited before. Remember, these beaches are for the use of Frye Island property owners and their guests.

FINDING WEBSITE INFORMATION  --  The Frye Island website has a wealth of information stored for Islanders to download for their viewing. There are thousands of items stored on the website. The homepage (i.e., the one you are viewing now) highlights new information that needs immediate attention. There are four ways to find information stored on the website. First, all material that appears on the homepage typically only stays there for about a month; it is then removed and placed on the Old Homepage News page, i.e. the link at the top right portion of this webpage. Second, there is a menu structure found on the top left of the webpage. For example, if you wanted to find the maps of Frye Island, click on 'Documents', then 'Town Documents', and then 'Island Maps'. Third, there is a 'Topic Index' entry on the menu structure found under the 'Find Information' entry. That link gives you a page with a long series of links arranged alphabetically. Fourth, there is a 'Search Function' entry on the menu structure found under the 'Find Information' entry. That entry allows for a key word search of every document on the website. Hope this helps you to find the "needle in the haystack".

FII SURVEY REPORT  --  A report of the May 2006 survey conducted by Frye Island Incorporated (FII) is now online for all Islanders to review. This report includes an introduction completed by the Board of Directors and a summary of all of the feedback received from the survey. To maintain the privacy of individual Islanders, all references to lot numbers and names have been removed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  --  The closing date for the Island has been changed because of the Sebago Lake water level being lowered at a greater rate than normal.

The last ferry run from the Island for 2006 will be at 9 PM October 22.

In addition, the docks at Long Beach Marina will be removed on October 14.

All boats must be out of the marina no later than Thursday October 12.

Please pass this message onto your Island friends that may be affected.

TOWN/FII MEETINGS  --  On Saturday October 7th there will be a Town of Frye Island meeting and a meeting of stockholders of Frye Island Incorporated. Registration will begin at 8:30 AM at the Community Center. The Agenda and the Town Warrant are available online

LOW WATER LEVEL COMING  --  The SAPPI paper mill, (formally S.D.Warren) in Westbrook has the operating license for the Eel Weir Dam at the outlet of Sebago Lake. This license requires them to maintain the lake level within the guide lines set forth in the license. This license also requires them to lower the lake level below an elevation of 261 feet at least two years in every nine years. We have just learned this week that one of those years is now.

The lake level has been going down to the tune of 17.5 inches since August 1st. We were told by Tom Howard, from SAPPI, that on October 1st they would increase this rate and by the end of October the lake level would be down to 261.5 feet and then below 261 by the end of November.

In the spring of 2002, when the lake level was in the 261 foot range, the ferries were sitting on the bottom of the lake on the mainland side. With that in mind, Islanders should be very aware that we may have to close the island earlier than originally planned. If we get to the point that we can no longer get emergency vehicles to the island, we will have no choice but to close. We will be watching this very closely, but in the mean time, it  is suggested that everyone pay attention to the lake level. If you have a boat at the Marina or at Quail Circle you might want to get it out early. As the water level decreases it could become difficult to get your boat out of the lake. If you take it to one of the marinas around the lake for winter storage, they might experience similar difficulties with low water. The Town Manager will try to keep you posted.

You can find out the current lake level by selecting the following elements in the menu on the top left of this page: "About Frye Island", then "Lake Level" and the "USGS".

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  --  The Planning Board of the Town of Frye Island will be holding a public hearing on proposed changes to the Land Use Ordinance on Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 10AM. The public hearing agenda has the following parts:

1. Public Hearing on proposed Changes to Zoning Ordinances

a. Definition of Road Opening

b. Definition of Substantial Start

2. Public Hearing on proposed Ordinance Limiting the Clearing of Unimproved Lots

3. Public Hearing on Administration and Enforcement of Building Permits

SPECIAL TOWN MEETING SEPT 2nd  --  The Frye Island Board of Selectmen have voted to have a Special Town Meeting on Saturday September 2, 2006 at the Community Center. Registration will begin at 8:30 AM, meeting will start at 9:00 AM. The Warrant and the Agenda for the meeting have been posted and are also online. Please mark your calendar for the date & time of this Special Town Meeting.

FISHING LICENSES NOW ONLINE  --  Check out the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's website on obtaining Maine Fishing Licenses. Thanks to Tom Burgess for information.

ONLINE VEHICLE REGISTRATION  --  The Town of Frye Island is now able to participate in the RAPID RENEWAL system offered by the State of Maine for the re-registration of motor vehicles and trailers. The rapid renewal information is now a part of the Frye Island website.

BOARD OF SELECTMEN MEETING  --  The next scheduled meeting of the Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee is scheduled for Saturday August 12 at 9 AM at the Community Center.

FII BOARD MEETING  --  The next scheduled meeting of the Frye Island Inc. Board of Directors is scheduled for Friday August 11 at 7 PM at the Community Center. This is not a public meeting, but is open to the public to observe items covered at the meeting.

PLANNING BOARD MEETING CHANGE  --  The next scheduled meeting of the Frye Island Planning Board has been revised. The original time was on Saturday morning and now is scheduled for Friday night. The meeting will be held on Friday July 28th at 7 PM at the Community Center. The meeting agenda was posted on the bulletin board outside of Town Hall on at Noon on  Saturday July 22nd.

FII BOARD MEETING  --  The next meeting of the FII Board of Directors is scheduled for Sunday July 9th at 7 PM at the Community Center. This meeting is open to the public to observe, and there is a point in the agenda where any communications & petitions from  the public can be made to the Board.

FII and BIT VOTER LISTS  --  The voter lists for Frye Island Incorporated (FII) stockholders and for the Town of Frye Island Board of Island Trustees (BIT) have been updated using the current Frye Island database. The information is contained in the BIT and FII Voter Ledger  (it is in PDF file format). Check the information about the voting procedures, if you have a question about the process.

NEW REPORTS AVAILABLE  --  Three new documents are now available online:

Winter Newsletter March 2006

Volunteer Fire Department 2005 Report

Yacht Club Assignments Spring 2006

YACHT CLUB MEETING  --  The Frye Island Marina Committee will hold it’s first meeting of the season on Sunday, May 28, 2006, at 10:30 AM at the Community Center. Some of the Agenda items will include:

Election of Officers
Capital Improvement Plan
Goals for the current season

Any Yacht Club member who has an issue or concern that they would like the Marina Committee to address can attend the meeting or correspond to Dave Bond at fryeislandguy@verizon.net or Tim McCarthy, Marina Committee Chairman, at 655-3058. All interested Islanders and Yacht Club Members are encouraged to attend.

WORK OPPORTUNITIES  --  There are opportunities to work at the Frye Island Golf Course and at the Frye Island Ferry. Check out the online ads by using the hyperlinks in this paragraph.

REVISED FERRY SCHEDULE 2006  --  For those of you at the October 2005 Town Meeting, you will remember a warrant article that proposed the raising of the ferry fee schedule in order to keep the ferry operations in the black. The Board of Island Trustees voters clearly indicated that they did not want a ferry fee increase, and wanted the Executive Committee to revamp the ferry schedule to allow the ferry system to operate in the black with no ferry fee change. At the EC/Selectmen meeting on Saturday March 11, 2006, the approved 2006 Ferry Schedule was revised to show a first ferry of 7AM on Friday April 28 and the High Season beginning on Friday June 23.

SELECTMEN MEETING  --  There a Selectmen / Executive Committee on Friday April 7, 2006 at 7 PM. Two items are on the agenda : (1) PUBLIC HEARING:  Liquor license for Frye's Leap Cafe and (2) NEW BUSINESS:  Discuss amending the Growth Ordinance. Contact Wayne Fournier if you are interested in attending the meeting.

ISLAND REPORT  --  The following report was released from John Crosby, describing the condition s on Frye Island:

"Cappy and I have been working out at the island, as the outside of the water tank sandblasting and painting needs to be completed before we can pump water and we are also piping our new sand filter. The steeplejack crew has had great weather and has sandblasted and primed 1/3 of the tank as of Friday March 24. The inside of the tank was completed in the fall.

Several trees and branches are down on the island and power to most of the island was out. Friday CMP arrived and restored power to the entire island except to one or two houses. CMP still has to replace two power poles that have broken. The roads are very wet in many areas and will need quite a bit of work when they dry out as CMP has been all over the island with a heavy truck. We have been noting any damage to cottages that we see and if need be we will contact the residents that repairs will be needed.

Kevin has been working at the mainland ferry terminal, getting both boats in shape, including the relocation of the lifejacket cabinets, which should free up some deck space, he will also be sprucing up the trailer and grounds."                            John Crosby

PRESS RELEASE - Frye Island Republican Town Committee  --   Richard Buxton, Chair of the Frye Island Town Committee has announced that Frye Island Republicans will caucus on 11th of March at 8 PM at 10 Sabatus Lane in Windham, ME. The purpose of the caucus is to elect delegates and alternates to the State Convention, elect members of the Cumberland County Republican Committee, and organize for the upcoming election. All Frye Island Republicans are urged to attend this event. The State Convention will be held in Augusta on May 5th and 6th. It is an excellent opportunity for local republicans to meet and speak with those who are running for office.

FRYE ISLAND FIRE CHIEF'S MOTHER PASSES AWAY  --  Mrs. Persson was admitted to the hospital on December 8th and after 5 long and difficult weeks, passed away on January 16th. Janet loved Frye Island and visited with her son and family constantly. She enjoyed attending all the fire department functions. She was a happy, sweet, witty and warm person. Janet will be greatly missed.

LAKE REPORT  --  Report from Dave Bond 2/23/06

"I made my way up to Sebago early this morning. I stopped at several different locations along the way to take a look at conditions. There is just about no snow on the ground at all. There are some snow banks on the edges of the roads but that's about it. Jordan Bay is mostly frozen and there are a couple of ice shacks out on the ice but no vehicles of any kind, just a few lonely ice fisherman. There is, however, a large area of open water in the middle of the bay.

On the way down the Raymond Cape Road, I stopped at the little cove just before Camp Wawenock. Although there is ice around the edges and pushed up on shore, the main bay of the lake near the Island is wide open water all the way across! I made my way to the ferry landing to find that Rubb's Cove is pretty well socked in with ice, but it's all pieces that have floated in and frozen together. There was a thin layer of ice all the way across the Gut to the island. Certainly not safe ice and I wouldn't expect it to last if the wind comes up. The whole lower bay around the bottom of Raymond Cape had the same thin ice all the way around. The cove on Wild Acres Rd. just beyond the ferry landing where access to the lake is usually gained is all full of frozen chunks of ice. It doesn't appear that any activity has occurred there yet this winter.

As a last check of things that matter to all of us, I checked out the power lines that feed the island down Sebago Rd. All the way at the end where the island power goes under ground I found all 3 of the "cutouts" or switches on the primary lines in the "open" position which means that CMP has probably pulled the plug on the entire island for safety reasons. There have been 2 severe wind events in the last month with numerous trees down and I can only assume that there are problems on the Island. It is my opinion that no one should attempt a trip to the island this weekend. The Rotary Fishing Derby is still going on with lots of activities planned. You can check that out at www.icefishingderby.com   I took some pictures.  Take care and think Spring. The island opens on April 28th!!"

MEETING DATE CHANGE  --  The March 2006 Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting date has been changed from Saturday March 18th to Saturday March 11th.

FAIRPOINT TELEPHONE CHANGE  --  Some of you may be aware, Fairpoint Telephone has always provided a discounted rate during the six winter months.  In a conversation with them, they said that the switch over in rates had always been automatic in the past, but they have put in a new computer system and now you actually have to call (800-400-5568) and ask for the discount. They will give you a discount for the next 6 months if you call.

PUBLIC NOTICE  --  On Saturday, February 11, 2006, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Frye Island will have a Public Hearing for the Golf Course Liquor License.  Anyone interested in participating in this hearing should contact Town Manager Wayne Fournier by email at wfournier@fryeisland.com or by telephone at (207) 221-3143

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