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Frye Island News Service ― The 10/12/2007 FINS is now online. This is the last FINS for 2007. Check this website for any news during the next months.

Water Study Presentation ― At the October 6 Town Meeting a presentation was a given to the Islanders describing the plans for the Island water system. That presentation by CDM, the consulting company hired by the Town, is now online.

town meeting October 6 ― The Annual Town Meeting of the Town of Frye Island is scheduled for Saturday October 6th. Registration begins at 8:00am, a presentation on water system upgrade plans at 8:30am, and the meeting starts at 9:00am. A copy of the Warrant for the meeting is online, along with a copy of the 2008 Budget. Please mark your schedule to attend this meeting.

heavy vehicle warning ― The Sebago Lake water level is going down daily. On Saturday September 8th, the lake level was at the 263.9 feet mark. At the 262 feet point, all heavy vehicle traffic will be prohibited.

Interesting golf rule ― In the August 2007 issue of Golf Digest on page 56 there was article giving an interesting explanation of Rule 24-2b of the USGA Rules of Golf. A copy of the article is online for your viewing. You might need to apply this some time in the future. It is such a surprising conclusion that you may need to keep a copy to prove to your golfing buddies that you are using the rules properly.

18 Hole LaayoutGolf course design ― The Frye Island Golf  Course was designed by Geoffrey Cornish of Amherst, MA in the 1969-1970 time period. Originally, the course was called the Running Hills Country Club. A copy of the drawing showing the original course design was colorized and placed on the website. Click on the graphic on the right to see the enlarged version (1.2M file size); when the enlarged version appears on your screen, most browsers shrink the size initially, but clicking on that image will give you the 24" x 36" version . Check out this eighteen hole design. The land for the second nine holes is still in the undeveloped state

Our Lakes Health ― A copy of the Raymond Waterways Newsletter is made available in a stack in the Frye Island post office. A particularly interesting article titled "Our Lakes Health - Water Quality Monitoring Results" was a part of the Summer 2007 Newsletter. This newsletter is put together by the Raymond Waterways Protective Association. The RWPA is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization supported by tax-deductible contributions.

History of Frye's Leap ― In 1987 a story appeared in the September FINS that described some History of Frye's Leap. That information is now online for your reading pleasure.

water restrictions ― During peak times water pressure on the Island is low for some Islanders. Improvements to the water system are in process, but will take several years to complete the entire project. In order to minimize any water problems, the Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee have approved the following water restrictions, effective immediately:

  • Lawn Watering - 10 PM to 5 AM, only
  • Washing Cars - 10 AM to 2 PM, only

Please readjust your water use schedules to help your neighbors have adequate water pressure at their cottages. Thanks

port city life article ― In the June 2007 issue of the Port City Life Magazine there is a very good article on page 66 (1.8M PDF file) about golf course on Frye Island. Thanks goes to Roger Stenz for making us all aware of this great publication.

fii stockholder meeting ― On Saturday September 1st at the Community Center the FII Stockholders will meet to elect individuals to the Board of Directors and to approve the 2008 budget. A copy of the meeting agenda is available for review. Registration will begin at 8:30 am and the meeting will start at 9 am. You should check the Voter Ledger to see if you are correctly listed. The Voting Procedures are also available for review.

Usage milestone ― The Frye Island website has reached a consistent level of use that places the access at over one million webpages requested per week. Thanks to all of you that have accessed the FI website. Improvements are continually being made. If you have any suggestions, please contact the webmaster with your idea.

Referendum Election ― One of the articles in the SAD #6 budget referendum failed to pass. The School Board has decided to hold another referendum vote on the failed article only. This vote will be held on Tuesday July 24th at the Community Center. The polls will open at 10:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM. There will be an informational meeting at the Bonny Eagle Middle School, Sokokis Trail in Buxton at 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday July 10th. The warrant has been posted and absentee ballots are available in the office for those registered voters that are unable to get to the polls in person.

election results ― The results of the 5/22/07 election are now online.

MSAD #6 Referenda ― MSAD #6 will be conducting two (2) separate referendum votes. The first will be held May 22nd and the second will be June 12th. The first requests authorization for bonds for the construction of a new K through 5 school in Buxton. The second is for approval of the  “07–“08 budget. A public hearing for the first referendum, which was posted earlier, will be held Monday May 7th.  A public hearing for the budget will be held at the Frye Island Community Center on Saturday May 26th at 11:00 AM. Sample ballots for both referenda are posted on the Town bulletin board, at the office and on this web site (sample ballot 5/22/07 and  sample ballot 6/12/07).

Maine Election Law permits any registered voter to cast an absentee ballot. If you are a registered voter in Frye Island you may request an absentee ballot by completing the application (application 5/22/07 and application 6/12/07) or by calling the office at 207-655-4551 during normal business hours. Polls for the May 22nd election will open at 10:00AM at the Community Center and close at 8:00 PM. The polls for the June 12th referendum will also open at 10:00 AM at the Community Center and close at 8:00PM. All ballots, including the absentee ballots, will be counted after the polls close.

Expect Delays ― The ferry work described in the 5/18/07 FINS (page 8) has been shifted from Monday to Tuesday. Expect delays early to mid morning on Tuesday May 21, as work will be commencing on the gantry on the island side.

Island Opening May 2nd ― The island will be ready to open for the season on Wednesday May 2nd. The first ferry will run at 7:00 AM for the general public. John and his crews (Ferry, DPW and his supporting cast) have done a great job, as usual, getting the island ready to open.

I have delayed this last notice because it was predicted that we would get another inch or more of rain this weekend, and I wasn’t sure what affect it would have on the roads. This didn’t happen, and the roads are in great shape considering all of the weather we have had recently. The ferries have endured their annual painting, new keel coolers have been installed on the Ellie Corliss, and the new apron has been installed on the island ramp. On Friday we moved the telephone system and the computers to the island and have started getting the office ready for the season.

A word of caution; the roads have dried out considerably during the last week, but many of the shoulders are still quite soft, so please drive with care.

Also, we have tried to identify the homes that sustained damage as a result of the recent storm, but we didn’t have the time to walk around every home, so we can’t guaranty that you won’t discover some damage when you arrive. The State of Maine is trying to get some sort of federal help for damage to personal property. It hasn’t happened yet, but there are some forms available to document the damage. If your home was damaged, stop in to the office and I can get these forms for you.

See you soon, Wayne

Public Hearing SAD 6 ― The Board of Directors of SAD 6 shall conduct a Public Hearing on Monday May 7th, at 7:00 PM at the Bonny Eagle Middle School, Sokokis Trail, Buxton Maine.

ISLAND OPENING POSTPONED ― I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am going to have to postpone the date we open the island from Friday April 27th to Wednesday May 2nd. Now that you know the bad news, let me tell you why.

No, it isn’t the ice. Even though the ice did go out a little later than normal, we were able to get the ferries to the island despite the fact that there is still ice on Jordan’s Bay. And, it isn’t the water system because we should be able to get the system sanitized and operational by the 27th.

This year there are two issues preventing us from opening the island and they both are a result of the recent weather we have had. On Easter weekend we got about 15 inches of snow on the island after most of the winter snow had melted and last weekend, (April 15 & 16) we got another storm. This “Nor’easter” dropped about 5 inches of heavy wet snow on the ground before turning to torrential rain which added about 5 inches of water on top of the snow. In addition, the winds, which reached near hurricane force, knocked down a number of trees and caused a loss of electric power to most of the island.

John Crosby and his crew have been doing everything that they could to get the island ready for the 27th but it is not going to happen.

I was on the island yesterday with John to survey the conditions and it didn’t look good. Many of the roads are so wet and muddy that they are impassable and some of the side roads still have as much as a foot of snow cover. John’s crew attempted to repair some of the wet areas but they were so bad they were actually making them worse instead of better. We had to pull the crews off those roads until things dry out. Not only do we not want to permanently damage the roads, but once we open the island we have to insure that emergency vehicles will be able to access all of the properties and that would be impossible at this time. Forecasters are predicting dry sunny weather through the weekend which should start drying things out. The only problem now is that the remaining snow has to melt and will just add to the problem.

In addition, as I said earlier, there is no electric power on much of the island because of downed trees. We have spoken to CMP a number of times and they are doing their best to get to us but there were over 130,000 meters in their service area without power as a result of the storm on Monday and as of this morning (Friday) there were still around 10,000 customers without power. They are hoping to get everyone back on line by the end of the day Saturday. They have said they may be able to get a crew to the island tomorrow to get started but there is a lot to clean up to do and the conditions of the roads may delay their efforts.

There are also some homes with trees and power lines down which will require private electrical work. John is trying to prepare a list of those homes. He said he has 12 now but this number will probably grow once we can get around to all of the roads on the island. We will try to inform everyone on the list so they can make arrangements with their own electrician.

I realize that this is news that many of you don’t want to hear but if the weather stays sunny and the roads dry out, we should be able to make the new date of May 2nd. I will keep you informed on the web-site. Again, if you have island friends and neighbors without access to a computer please keep them informed of the latest.

Thank you for your understanding  ...  Wayne

ISLAND UPDATE ― I know that many of you are chomping at the bit to get to the island so I thought I would give you an update. The recent cold snap has caused ice to reform in the cove. However, the main channel between Raymond Cape and the Island is open.

We allowed Del Wescott to leave his crane barge in the cove this winter so yesterday (Monday 08/09) he volunteered to break a channel through the ice in the cove to the open water so that John Crosby and some of his crew could get a ferry out to the island. While much of the ice was only a couple of inches thick, both John and Del were surprised to find the ice in some places as much as 8" - 10 " thick. What was thought to be a 2 or 3 hour project took almost the entire day but by late afternoon John and Captain Klaus cranked up one of the ferries and attempted to get to the island. They were able to get through the broken ice in the cove and to open water but strong winds and more ice in the Island dock area prevented them from getting to the Island. When they returned to the mainland a lot of the ice that had been broken out had drifted back into the channel but they were able to get through it and returned to the dock safely.

The bubblers that are installed during the winter to keep ice from forming around the ferries were re-installed in hopes they would keep the channel from freezing over night as the forecast was for temperatures to be below freezing again. John estimates that there is still 4-6 inches of snow left on the Island as well and with another storm predicted for this week it is really impossible to guess when the maintenance crews will be able to get to the Island to begin the opening process. We must insure the roads are firm enough to support traffic once the frost leaves and we must get the water system operating and sanitized before we can start the ferries for the residents. We are still shooting for an April 27th opening but most of it now depends on mother nature. I will keep you posted on the web-site as we proceed. If you have island friends and neighbors who don't have access to our web site please keep them informed of the updates.

Thanks - See you soon ... Wayne

PUBLIC HEARING & SPECIAL SELECTMEN MEETING ― There will be a Public Hearing and a special Board of Selectmen's meeting Tuesday April 17th at 7:00PM The purpose for the public hearing will be to discuss the Liquor License applications submitted by the Frye Island Golf Course ( Leisure Lounge) and the Frye's Leap Store and Cafe. The only agenda item for the Board meeting will be to approve / disapprove the Liquor License applications. Approved applications will be forwarded to the State of Maine for approval and issuance of licenses. The Board meeting will commence immediately following the public hearing. The public hearing and the meeting will be held at the ferry trailer office on Raymond Cape Road and conducted by teleconference. Any party interested in participating in the teleconference should contact Wayne Fournier for instructions.

WINTER NEWSLETTER ― The 2007 Frye Island Winter Newsletter is now available online.

OPENING DAY 2007 ― At this point in time it seems reasonable to schedule the opening day for the first Frye Island ferry for Friday April 27, 2007. As usual, this is dependant on the ice leaving Sebago Lake in time for the Public Works Department to get the water system and the roads in shape for public use. Watch the website to see if there is any requirement to delay the opening because of late ice out.

PROPERTY USAGE SUMMARY ― The maximum amount of development on Frye Island has been set by the Courts. In conformance with the Court rulings, the Town of Frye Island has been keeping a log of activity titled the Property Usage Summary. The latest version of that summary is now online. It indicates that the number of completed cottages on the Island has grown to 487. If the number of undeveloped lots in private ownership is added to that figure, the maximum number of cottages will be 763 (we have a Court imposed maximum of 750); this is a reduction due to six lots previously in private ownership transferred to Town ownership.

OBITUARY - Stacy L. Hall GULFPORT, FLA. -- Stacy L. Hall, 82, of Gulfport, Fla., passed away Tuesday, March 13, 2007, at Palms of Pasadena Hospital. He was born in Boston, Mass., and was a winter resident in Stuart, Fla., from Frye Island, before moving to Gulfport, Fla. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII and was owner of Hall & Cole Produce Inc., for over 50 years in Chelsea, Mass. It is the oldest family owned produce company in the country. It was founded in 1832, and incorporated in 1863. He also enjoyed fishing and boating. He is survived by his wife Jane; sons, Stuart Hall of East Calais, Vt., and Steven Hall of Wilmington, N.C.; daughters, Meredith Watson of Boxford, Mass, Leslie Scully of Newburyport, Mass., and Susan Bric of Plymouth, Mass.; one brother, H. Brackett Hall of Hyannis Port, Mass.; nine grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. Stacy summered at his Frye Island home on Paddock Lane.

SELECTMEN MEETING There will be a special meeting of the Board of Selectmen, Thursday evening March 29th at 7 PM. The single agenda item to be covered is to clarify the previous discussion of Treasurer's position.

ENTERPRISE OPERATIONS END WITH PROFITS The Town of Frye Island operates three enterprise operations in addition to operating the general government operations on Frye Island. Each of the enterprise operations are required to be self supporting, i.e. not supported by tax generated monies. Each of the enterprise operations generated a net profit for 2006. Here is a summary of the operations:

Operation Name Profit Where Profit is Retained
Ferry Operation $10,502 Profit placed: Ferry Operations Reserve
Golf Club Operation $19,351 Profit placed: Golf Operations Reserve
Yacht Club Operations
        -  Equity Slips
        -  Rental Slips

Profit placed: YC Equity Reserve
Profit placed: Island Improvement Reserve

In addition to the Ferry Operation making a profit in 2006 (the profit was 3% of revenues received), there was $128,898 placed into the Ferry Reserve; that Reserve is used to cover significant capital improvement and significant maintenance expenses for the ferry.

SELECTMEN / EXECUTIVE MEETING SCHEDULE The Selectmen have set the schedule for their regular meetings in 2007. The meetings are scheduled for 5/26, 6/16, 7/7, 8/4, 8/25, 9/1.9/7,9/22 and 10/20 (Friday meetings start at 7 pm and Saturday meetings start at 9 am). Special Selectmen meetings will be called as needed, with announcements given seven days prior to the meeting. The Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for Saturday October 6, 2007.

FIREWORKS 2007 In 2007 the 4th of July Holiday falls right in the middle of the week. A decision has been made to schedule the Frye Island fireworks display for the evening of Saturday July 7th. Please mark your calendar for this exciting event.

FAIRPOINT to ACQUIRE SOME VERIZON OPERATIONS According to a January 17, 2007 article that appeared on with the headline "Verizon to sell lines in N.H., Vt., and Maine" :

"Verizon Communications Inc. said yesterday that it would spin off its land-line business in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to FairPoint Communications Inc. in a $2.72 billion deal that analysts said would help the phone giant focus on its high-speed fiber-optic network."


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