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frye island news service ― The weekly FINS is online for your viewing.

Town meeting Saturday October 11  ― The Annual Town Meeting for the Town of Frye Island is scheduled for Saturday October 11th at the Community Center starting at 9 am. The doors will be open at 8:15 am for Registration; get there early to grab a cup of coffee and interact with your Island neighbors. The Town Meeting Warrant has been posted and is available online. Information on the Proposed 2009 Town Budget is also online.

town budget public hearing ― On Saturday August 30 there will be a Public Hearing to present the first draft of the 2009 Budget. The hearing is scheduled for 10:00 A.M., or immediately following the FII stockholders meeting, at the Community Center. Everyone is welcome to attend and provide input.

fii stockholders meeting On Saturday August 30th at 9 am the Annual Meeting of the Frye Island Inc. Stockholders will be held. Registration will begin at 8:30 am. The agenda for the meeting has two items:

1.     Approval of 2009 Budget

2.     Election of Board of Directors

Your support by attending this meeting is a valuable part of being a Frye Island property owner.

town birthday celebration ― On the July 4th weekend, the Town of Frye Island celebrated their Tenth Anniversary of becoming a Town. Thanks to the effort of Pat Karpacz, Celebration Chairperson, and Bob DesFosses, photographer, an online Record & Slide-Show of the events is available.

results of special town meeting ― The Special Town Meeting on Saturday July 26th was well attended. There were lengthy discussions on the proposed surcharge for the ferry transportation and on possible alternatives. A motion to amend Article #1 of the Warrant was made;  the amendment failed. Article  #1 passed and Article #2 failed. The surcharges, $3 for owners & $6 others, for will become effective on August 1. Refer to the Warrant  article wording for details.

Frye Island Celebrates ― A local publication covers the story of the Tenth Anniversary of the Town of Frye Island. It is an interesting article from multiple perspectives.

boating safety on sebago ― Safety on Sebago Lake is a very important element of life on Frye Island. The following online article was spotted by David Bond, Commodore of the Frye Island Yacht Club:

Check it out. It could make a real difference in our summer experience.

wcsh channel 6 story ― Here is a link to the story Portland WCSH Channel 6 did on the Frye Island Celebration:  

Thanks to Jim Anderson for spotting this online information.

special town meeting ― A Special Town Meeting is scheduled for Saturday July 26th at 9am where the Board of Island Trustees (aka. cottage owners) will be asked to vote on a solution to solve the ferry revenue/expense problem. The Warrant for the Meeting has been posted on Island.  The Public Hearing was held on Saturday July 19th where Town Manager Wayne Fournier presented the financial situation with the ferry, and feedback from the Islanders was received. Please arrive at the Community Center on July 26 early enough to get registered and obtain your voting card before the meeting starts.

BIT / FII Voter Ledger ― For the upcoming July 26th Special Town Meeting a 2008 Voter Ledger has been prepared from the Town database. That document will also be used for the FII Stockholder meeting scheduled for August 30, 2008. If you see anything in that listing that needs change, please email Joe Potts with the details you feel need changing.

Sign Restriction on Frye Island The deed covenants on Frye Island prohibit the placement of signs on an owner’s property. The exact words from the deed covenant describing this restriction is as follows:

2.   No "For Rent", "For Sale", or other signs or notices except signs identifying the parcel and/or the owner thereof shall be placed, erected or maintained on the land conveyed herein without prior written consent of the grantor, its successors, and assigns; and upon any violation of this provision the grantor, its successors and assigns, shall have the right to enter upon the land and to remove such sign or notice.

As a courtesy to fellow Islanders any signs violating the deed covenant will be removed and stored at the Town Public Works Department. Anyone wishing to recover their sign should contact the Town Office to make an appointment to meet with the appropriate person.

Tick Identification Guidetick check time  ― Daily tick checks reduce your risk of contracting Lyme disease. According to the Maine Medical Center Research Institute, a deer tick needs to be attached for over 30 hours before it can transmit the Lyme disease bacteria. You need to check yourself, your pets, and especially small children DAILY after outdoor activity, particularly in the months of May, June and July. When showering or bathing, do a full body inspection for a rash or attached ticks. Remember that the nymph tick is about the size of a poppy seed. Pay special attention to favorite tick spots, such as backs of knees, groin, waist, armpits, and the scalp. Contact your physician immediately if you suspect Lyme disease. For more detailed information, a list of our services and educational links, visit our website at Click on above graphic for larger version.

special town meeting ― The cost of fuel has gone up way beyond what was expected a year ago. Our Town Manager has been keeping us informed of the impact of fuel costs on ferry operation via the articles in the FINS. At the Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday July 9th, it was concluded that a Ferry Ticket Surcharge should be considered as a solution to the high fuel costs. A Public Hearing will be held at 8am on Saturday July 19th at the Community Center to present to the people of Frye Island the proposed $3 Ferry Ticket Surcharge ($6 for full-price tickets) and the reasons why it is needed; comments from the Islanders are needed to effectively draft a final solution. A Special Town Meeting is planned for Saturday July 26th at 9am where the Board of Island Trustees (aka. cottage owners) will be asked to vote on a solution to solve this revenue/expense problem.

Ferry Service disruption Because of the congestion anticipated in the downtown area on Saturday July 5th, the ferry service will be suspended during the ceremonies. The last ferry run from the Island Saturday morning will be at 10:00 AM. The ferry will return to the Island at 10:15 AM and will remain there until the ceremonies are finished and the congestion in the area allows traffic to resume. We have taken steps to be able to respond to emergency situations if necessary. Hopefully, this will not be required.

10th anniversary celebration We are approaching the a very special day. On July 1, 1998 our Island became a full fledged Town. This coming July 4th weekend the Town of Frye Island will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. The Schedule of Events is online. Here are some of the news items:

FI 10th Anniversary Silent Auction Update!

Thanks to the many of you that have donated so far!  We are quite excited with some of the items and wanted to share them with you so you may ponder which ones you would be interested in seeing at the ice cream social:

18 holes of golf w/ cart gift certificate, a new putter, Jewelry by Denise Home-Kaplan, an electric organ, an original pastel framed print by Christa Mueller, Handmade doll clowns by Raini Andronaco, a metal bunk bed, an electric clothes dryer, a gourmet gift basket by Heidi Bond, a Creative Memories Gift Basket, a new color scanner, a quilt set, a bar & stool set, a beach toy gift bag, and much more!

We are still accepting donations until July 3rd. Please drop them off either at Lot #111 Leisure Lane or at the Community Center.  We ask that if the items are large please submit a photo & description of the item and your name, address & island number.

***All items not sold will be returned***

FI 10th Anniversary Fundraising Update!

Schwann’s Truck will be on the island & in the parade!  Watch out for this truck on July 5th…A percentage of all proceeds that day will go to the 10th Anniversary Fund!  So, please save your orders and buy on that day!

He will also be selling individual ice creams at the Community Center prior to the parade & again at the conclusion of the parade at the Ferry Landing.

We will earn up to 20% of the proceeds if we buy over $2000 of merchandise so please think about buying some ice cream, meatballs or key lime pie!

(A guaranteed 10% of proceeds for anything less than $2000 will go to our fund on that day.)

Fire Truck Raffle – We have been given two seats to raffle!  Please buy your tickets at the store.  The winners will be announced at 6:30pm during the ice cream social at the Community Center.

Remember Cash Donation can be made as well to help with our celebration.  All proceeds will be used to pay for our events – to include the Fireworks celebration!

Win a Ride On a Fire Truck!

Fire TruckWe are raffling off a ride on one of the fire trucks for the 4th of July parade. 

$1 per raffle ticket or 6 tickets for $5

Tickets can be purchased at the store now.  The winner will be drawn at the ice cream social. Ages 12 & under eligible to win.

(For safety reasons, a parent must accompany the winning child on this ride.)


SAD6 referendum election ― The new legislation establishing the Regional School Units (RSU’s) requires that an open meeting be held to approve a budget for the upcoming school fiscal year (July 1 2008 – June 30 2009) and then a referendum election be held to validate that approval. SAD 6 has scheduled the budget meeting on Thursday May 8th at the Bonny Eagle Middle School in Buxton at 7:00 PM. (A copy of the notice calling this meeting has been posted on our website). This notice contains 13 articles the Board of School Directors recommends be approved at this meeting. However, during this meeting and the approval process, some of these articles may be changed. After the articles have been finalized and approved, the voters, registered to vote in the five (5) municipalities comprising School Administration District 6, get to vote, by secret ballot, to validate the budget approved at this meeting.

This referendum election is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, May 13th. (The notice of this referendum election has also been posted on our website). The polls will open at the Frye Island Community Center at 10:00 AM and will remain open until 8:00 PM. All registered voters can participate in this referendum election by voting in person, at the Community Center, or by absentee ballot. A copy of the “Specimen Ballot” has been posted on our website and has been attached to this e-mail. If you are a registered voter and wish to vote by absentee ballot, please let us know ASAP and we will mail the official ballot to you. All of the ballots, including the absentee ballots, will be counted immediately after the polls close at 8:00 PM.

Here’s the crunch. The official ballot asks if you will approve the budget adopted at the budget meeting held on May 8th. . Needless to say, you can’t vote until after that meeting. If you mail your ballot back to Frye Island and the returned ballot is post marked before May 9th, it will be considered invalid and we will not be able to count it.

I met with SAD 6 this morning and was told they hoped to have the approved articles available Friday the 9th but definitely by Monday the 12th. Monday wouldn’t give you time to mail the ballots back to us for counting. However, I plan to attend the meeting so I will get all the information and try to get it posted Friday morning.

Getting the absentee ballots out next week is further complicated because we will be moving the office back to the Island but we will make sure that all requested absentee ballots are mailed in time for you to vote. I understand the time crunch but we will do everything we can to make it work for you.

I hope this isn’t too confusing. If you have any questions about this process, please let me know.  ...  Wayne

town anniversary committee ― The Tenth Anniversary Celebration Committee will have a meeting on the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 26, at 10 AM in the Community Center. Contact Pat Karpacz, Chairperson of this Committee, if you have any questions.

winter newsletter ― The 2008 Winter Newsletter for Frye Island is now available online for your viewing.

update #2 from wayne  ―  Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen

I have some good news!!! We will be opening the Island on schedule. The first boat of the 2008 season will run on Friday April 25th at 7:00 AM.
Public works now has about 90% of the water distribution lines charged and disinfected. The ferry crew has the Leisure Lady painted and she should be back in the water tomorrow. Mother Nature has been cooperating with us this week and the roads are drying out quite well. I do have to warn you that some of them still have a little snow on them but we expect that to be gone by next Friday. However, I am sure there will still be some wet spots so you will have to be very careful when driving on the Island roads.
Because we expect some of the roads to be very soft, in spots, we will only allow passenger vehicles and pickup trucks on the ferry at this time, without special clearance. If you have a heavy load, call the ferry office (207-655-4258) before coming to the Island. You might waste a trip.
We plan to have the office moved and running but I am sure that there will be a lot left to do for the first week or so so please bear with us. We were unable to schedule the move until we were sure that we could get over there. So we are a bit behind but hope to be able to provide all of the normal services.
Everyone has been working very hard and almost continuously this past week to get the Island opened on schedule. The ice and snow this year has really been a challenge but the goal all along has been to get the critical areas, (ferry, water and roads) open so that you could get to your property as soon as possible. The Island employees have done that and deserve a great deal of credit for their effort. So, for those of you who want to be here that first weekend, consider yourselves lucky, and bear with us a while because there is still work to be done. We will appreciate your understanding.
See you next week.

Wayne Fournier

update from wayne  ―  Greetings Everyone

Well, we have some good news and more iffy news.

The good news is that the ice is out in the channel and the crews have been able to get the ferries to the Island. There is still quite a bit of ice drifting around the lake but if the wind continues to come out of the north, it should keep the channel clear.

The iffy news is that there is still upwards of 2 feet of snow covering some parts of the Island. This makes it very difficult to predict, with any certainty, an opening date.

We have the Leisure Lady on the haul out and some members of the ferry crew are scrapping and painting to get her ready for the season. In addition, the public works crew has been able to start the raw water pumps to fill and disinfect the distribution tank. This process must be completed before the distribution lines can be filled. However, filling and venting these lines may prove to be difficult because of the snow cover. Right now, it looks as though the roads are going to be the controlling factor. We can shovel out the valves to get water in the system, but getting the roads free of snow and dried out is up to Mother Nature.

The good news is that next week is supposed to be sunny and in the 50’s & 60’s, so hopefully, we will see a lot of improvement. You should know that everyone is working very hard to get everything that we can control ready so that we can open as soon as possible. The best I can do, for now, is to keep you informed of our progress.

On another note, SAD 6 will be holding a budget meeting at the Bonny Eagle Middle School in Buxton on Thursday May 8th for the purpose of determining the Budget Meeting articles.

In addition, a referendum election will be held on Tuesday, May 13th to validate / approve the budget that will be adopted at the May 8th meeting. The polls for this referendum election will be open from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM at the Community Center for registered voters in Frye Island to vote. Absentee ballots will be available for this election to those registered voters that request them. The warrant and notice of election calling the budget validation referendum will be posted on our website for your information. I should have ballots and more information by Friday. Remember, you must be a registered voter in Frye Island to vote in this referendum election.

This budget process is a result of the recent legislation establishing the Regional School Units (RSU’s).

Wayne Fournier

hole in oneMarch 20th was an exciting day. On that day, Lorna Priestley was playing golf with her sister at the Scottsdale Continental Golf Club, and she made a hole in one on #8, a par 3, 108 yard hole.  She used a three wood.  The Golf Club was very nice to Lorna.  The Marshall saw it, and gave her a sleeve of balls, and she had congratulations from everyone.  It will be noted in the Scottsdale paper this coming week. Lorna has been playing golf for 21 years, and is 86 years old.  She never thought that this would happen!

personal security ― The use of IDs & passwords for individuals to gain access on the Internet is a normal part of online activity. Some information on how this can be made easier and at the same time maintain a high level of security is on line for Islanders to read. Check out this information on IDs & Password security.

zoning court case ― The court case between the Town of Frye Island and Timothy Toomey was taken to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. A copy of the 3/7/08 Court Report is available online for your review. The court ruled against of the pleadings of Mr. Toomey.

winter trip ― A trip to the Island coordinated by David Bond was completed in late February. Checkout the report from Dave.

first ferry ― The Frye Island open season begins with the running of the Ferry System. The first ferry is scheduled for 7:00 AM on Friday April 25th. As is the norm, this schedule is dependant on favorable weather. Please check back on this website for updates as that date approaches, email the Town Office, or give the Town office a call.

court case ― The court case between the Town of Frye Island and the State of Maine concerning school funding has been settled in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. A copy of the 2/7/08 Court Report is available online for your review. The Court ruled against the pleadings of the Town.

island opening


I want to give everyone an update on the Island opening.

As you know, it is very difficult to predict exactly when we will be able to open the Island, but as of today, I would guess that opening on the scheduled date of Friday, April 25th is in jeopardy. There is still ice in the channel (the gut) and it is unsafe to cross. It is difficult to say just how much ice remains because it is not safe to venture out there, but the ice is still white. Normally when the ice is ready to go out, it gets saturated and very black in color. That hasn’t happened yet. In addition, there is still a couple of feet of snow on the Island. However, the weather has been quite warm, (50 degrees) so, hopefully, the ice and snow will disappear quickly and the ferry and public works crews will be able to get the Island opened so you can get out there as soon as possible.

 I will keep you posted as conditions change.

Wayne M. Fournier

Elissa (Liz) Norris ― We are very sad to report that on February 15th Friday morning, at 2:15 a.m., Elissa (Liz) Norris passed away, just 22 days short of her 71st birthday and just over six months short of the fiftieth anniversary with Dick. She had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September 2006. She died peacefully in her sleep. There is an obit available in the Boston Globe,

Frye Island occupied a special place in Liz’s heart.  She and her family first came to the island as renters in August 1972, and they continued to rent almost every summer until she and Dick realized their retirement dream and bought a cottage in 1998.  Each season thereafter, she was always one of the very first people to arrive in the spring and was often on the last ferry out in the fall.  She loved the island’s water, woods, and wildlife, and she made a special point of walking every road and circle on the island at least once each season.  In recent years, she especially loved introducing her now three-year-old granddaughter, Sasha, to the joys of Frye Island:  feeding ducks, swimming, digging in the sand, and watching the July 4 fireworks.  Frye Island was Liz’s favorite place in the world.

In accordance with her wishes, there will be no funeral service, with cremation and interment at Mount Auburn Cemetery being private.
A remembrance celebration is planned and will be announced at a later date.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Two Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA 02238.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Dick and the Norris family. 

Tax payment problemThe first-half payments of property taxes for the Town of Frye Island were due on December 31, 2007. Some people paid their taxes with company or business checks and did NOT include the stub from the tax bill. If that describes your situation, please contact the Town office to make sure your account got the credit. As a general rule, everyone should include the stub from the tax bill with their payment. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Barbara Hanna at 50th Wedding Anniversarybarbara hannahIt is with deep sorrow that we inform you that Barbara Hannah, a long-time resident of Frye Island, passed away on Saturday, January 12, at her winter home in North Carolina.  Islanders will long remember Barbara as the Founder of the Frye Island Garden Club. In 2007, the Community Center gardens were named "The Hannah Garden" in honor of her dedication and commitment to the beautification of Frye Island.  

A gracious, gifted and energetic woman, Barbara was as comfortable in sweatshirt and jeans moving topsoil as she was at the theatre or in academia.  She relished planting flowers, weeding, and distributing bark mulch;  and her cheerful comment, "Now, doesn't that look a lot better?" symbolized her attitude.  In addition to being a woman of great faith, she was artistic; a gifted decorator; a fabulous hostess; devoted to her family; and a steadfast friend.

Barbara leaves her husband, Bob; six children; and countless friends she treated as family.

A funeral mass is being held on Tuesday, January 15, in Burlington, N.C.  Memorial masses are also planned at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Naples, FL and at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Windham, ME (dates to be announced.)

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that memorials be given to Hospice-Palliative Care Center of Alamance-Caswell, 914 Chapel Hill Road, Burlington, N.C. 27215; or to Twin Lakes Residence Association Committee, 100 Wade Coble Drive, Burlington, N.C. 27215  (to assist those residents who find themselves without funds.) Barbara would have liked donations to go to The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ,PO Box 50, Memphis, TN 38101-9929.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hannah family. 

winter island trip ― A trip to the Island is being planned by David Bond for the weekend of February 22-24, 2008.  Anyone interested should check out the online flyer for more details.

snow at ferry landing ― Thanks to Bob Russo for the webcams at the ferry landings. The following is a photo from the Island webcam on the last day of the year:

Snow at the Landing

east pump house ― A 2007 project called for the construction of a new pump house on the East side of the Island to improve the public water system. Check out the product of the work by Public Works Department staff, professionals and volunteers.

marina dredging ― There are some photos of the dredging work being done at the Long Beach marina.

town grand list ― The new Grand List for the Town of Frye Island is now available on the Frye Island website. It can be found at anytime on the top-left menu system by selecting FIND INFORMATION, then TOPIC INDEX, then G and then GRAND LIST. Note: Information revised 11/26/07 to correct error in posting.

lot files online ― We owe a great deal of thanks to Grace Morin for scanning all of the documents in the Town Office lot files. This amounts to over 15,000 pages of material. All of this information is now online. Select Find Information, then Topic Index in the menu system on the top left, and select Lot Files. If you want to access that information you will need an ID & password.

Thank you Grace for all of your hard work.

Blue Line

Posted: 03/11/2010