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public input meeting  ― There will be a Public Input Meeting held by SAD#6 on December 7th at the Bonny Eagle Middle School. Check out their flyer for details.

November election results  ― The following table shows the results of the State elections held on November 3, 2009. Except for Question 4 (Tabor), the majority of the Island voters were in sync with the majority of the State of Maine voters.

Election Results - November 2009

Question Topic Description Yes No
1 Repeal of Gay Marriage 53% 47% State
61% 39% Island
2 Motor Vehicle excise tax cut 26% 74% State
37% 63% Island
3 Repeal of School Consolidation 41% 59% State
39% 61% Island
4 TABOR 40% 60% State
59% 41% Island
5 Medical Marijuana 59% 41% State
76% 24% Island
6 Transportation Bond 65% 35% State
55% 45% Island
7 Time to Certify Petitions 52% 48% State
57% 43% Island

frye island news service ― The weekly FINS is online for your viewing.

annual Town meeting ― The Annual Town Meeting will be held on Saturday October 10th. Registration and coffee will start at 8:15am and the meeting will begin at 9:00am. The Warrant for the meeting and the 2010 Town Budget are online.

bit & fii voter ledger ― The 2009 BIT & FII Voter List for has been produced from the Town database and is now available for viewing on the FI website. This list will be used for the FII Stockholder Meeting scheduled for Saturday September 5th and the Annual Town Meeting scheduled for Saturday October 10th. Check out the List and if you see any errors, please notify Joe Potts ( There may be some recent property purchases that do not show up on the list, but that is due to the delay in receiving property sale information from Cumberland County.

walking trails map ― A new Trails Map with trail descriptions is now available online. Print off a copy for yourself and enjoy walking around the Island.

downeast magazine article ― A lengthy article appeared in the July 2009 issue of DownEast Magazine about the Town of Frye Island. The interviews taken for the article were done in 2008. Permission to reprint the DownEast Article on the Frye Island website has been granted by DownEast.  Other than the choice of the title and a few other items, it is a good description of Frye Island.

lake water quality ― A large group of volunteers in Maine measure lake water quality. The graph below summarizes the average annual water clarity for all Maine lakes using a Secchi Disk that is lowered into the water. The average annual water clarity for Sebago over the past few years has been in the 8-9 meter range. There are a handful of lakes that are clearer than Sebago Lake.

Maine Lake Clarity

The above graph came from The Water Column, a publication of the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP). An online copy of that publication is available for review. It contains a lot of very interesting information. The Maine VLMP is a tax-deductible not-for-profit organization. Anyone interested in providing support can get more information on the VLMP Support Page on their website.

voter info SAD6 ― There is a Warrant that describes the SAD6 referendum election on September 8, 2009. Absentee Ballots must be received at least 7 days prior to the election. A Public Hearing will be held on August 17, 2009 at the Bonny Eagle Middle School in Buxton.

TV Reception  ― With the transition to Digital TV over-the-air, you may be considering a different type of antenna for your TV. Check out the Helpful Information that is online.

ferry policies  ― The Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee have approved two Ferry Policies.  The first policy is new covering pedestrian use of the ferry: Pedestrian Policy. That policy focus on the safety of pedestrian use of the ferry. The second policy is a revision of a previous policy: Complimentary Ferry Ticket Policy. That policy clarifies who may ride the ferry for free. Of special note, Island Board members will no longer be compensated with a ferry ticket for participating in meetings and Town employees will not get free Ferry rides for personal use.  

revised ferry schedule july 2  We will be extending the ferry schedule until mid-night on Thursday July 2 because of the Holiday weekend.

special town meeting  ― The Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee have approved of having a Special Town Meeting on May 23, 2009 at the Community Center starting at 9:00am, registration begins at 8:30am The Warrant for the Special Meeting has been posted and is available online.

sad #6 meeting & Election ― Results of Election ... An April 30, 2009 SAD #6 (School Administrative District #6) Budget Meeting in Buxton at 7pm has been announced; the Warrant for the meeting has been published. An Election has been announced in a Public Notice by SAD #6 to be held at the Frye Island Community Center on May 5, 2009 during the hours of 10am to 8pm. Click on either of the two preceding links for details.

winter newsletter ― The 2009 Winter Newsletter is now available online.

historical information  ― There are now some historical documents and photos from Frye Island's past. Check out the webpage with the Frye Island Historical Information.

2009 ferry update ― Message from Town Manager Wayne Fournier

Hi folks,

A first, and hopefully final, report on the Island opening scheduled for Friday, April 24.

The public works crew is on the Island and working to get the roads ready and the water system in service for the opening. In addition, the ferry crew is readying the ferries for service. There are a few “mushy” areas on the roads but for the most part they survived the winter very well. The weather is supposed to be decent this week so they should dry out more but I urge you to use caution if you are out here that first weekend.

So, unless there is a major setback, the first ferry of the 2009 season will run as scheduled at 7:00 AM on Friday, April 24th. The ferry schedule for the entire 2009 season is on the web-site as is the fee schedule.

The office will maintain the same schedule as in the past; 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. John Thompson, the Code Officer / Building Inspector, will be in on Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

We hope everyone had a good winter and we look forward to seeing you on the Island soon.


2009 ferry information ― The 2009 Ferry Schedule and the 2009 Ferry Fee information is available online. The first Frye Island ferry run is planned for April 24th at 7am. As usual, check back on the website in April to verify if the plan is finalized. There have been years where ice out conditions have delayed the running of the first ferry.

notice of public hearing ― A Notice of Public Hearing on the renewal of the liquor license for the Golf Course Lounge is available online.

Island Break Ins  ― Since the ferry service closed in December, we have experienced a number of burglaries on the Island. Rod Beaulieu, the Frye Island Police Chief, has been working very closely, and very diligently, with other area police agencies that have experienced similar issues in an effort to solve these burglaries. Rod reports that the investigation is proceeding as well as can be expected at this time.

A crew from the Public Works Dept, with a lot of help from volunteers, Tom “Cappy” Capobianco and Dave Bond, were able to secure all of the cottages that were broken into,  using hasps and padlocks where possible, and plywood where necessary. The final cottage was secured Monday and the crew double checked all of the cottages Tuesday. We feel very confident that we have identified and secured all of the cottages that were damaged and not a bit too soon, as the National Weather Service is predicting anywhere from 1 to 2 feet of new snow in the area today. Yes, that’s not a typo, its feet.

We have attempted to notify all of the property owners that were broken into, but some of the contact information we have is sketchy. However, Rod has completed all of the police reports and is trying, either via e-mail or telephone, to contact everyone affected.  

I have received a number of E-mails and phone calls from Islanders expressing their thanks for the effort put in by John Crosby, Eric Berube, Ken Thurston & Paul Kimball from the DPW, and volunteers, Cappy and Dave to secure the damaged properties. On behalf of all Frye Islanders, I would like to express our thanks to them as well for the effort, “above and beyond” to insure that no additional weather damage occurs to the affected properties and, to Chief Beaulieu who has worked hard gathering information, completing appropriate reports, and notifying property owners. With his hard work, and some luck, maybe the individual(s) responsible will be apprehended.

I will keep you informed as we learn more ... Wayne

Winter meetings  ― The Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee of the Town of Frye Island regularly has meetings by teleconference during the winter months to conduct Town business. The meetings planned for the 2008/2009 winter period are: 12/13/08, 2/7/09, and 4/4/09; these meeting are conducted by teleconference and anyone interested in participating in the meeting should contact Wayne Fournier, Town Manager. The first on Island meeting for the Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee is scheduled for 5/16/09. Meeting Minutes are placed online after they are approved, typically at the time of the following meeting.

first ferry ― The first Frye Island ferry run is planned for April 24th at 7am. As usual, check back on the website in April to verify if the plan is finalized. There have been years where ice out conditions have delayed the running of the first ferry. The complete listing of all ferry runs for the 2009 season will be posted in a few weeks.

request for proposal  ― The Town of Frye Island is requesting qualifications and proposals for a Ferry Revenue Collection System. Tasks include software design, equipment selection, system installation and user training.  The project team must demonstrate specialized expertise related to the design of real-time revenue collection systems using barcode technology. A copy of the RFP Cover Document and the Request for Proposal Document are available online for review. Anyone interested in responding to this RFP should contact the Town Manager Wayne Fournier.

Parking Plan  ― The Transportation Committee  under the auspices of the Board of Selectmen/ Executive Committee have been working on how to best develop the property on Raymond Cape that is owned by the Town of Frye Island. The sketch shown below is the current concept. The concept only indicates how the property could be used to meet the long-term needs to improve for ferry operational capacity. The timing of any development has not been determined at this point in time.

Click on the  sketch below to view a larger drawing.

Parking Plan October 2008

The property is 25 acres in total. The conceptual plan shown above is about 5 acres. There are some wetlands on the remaining acreage

2008 Summaries  ― The 2008 Grand List and the 2008 Property Usage Summary are now available online for review.

election results  ― The November 2008 Election results for the Town of Frye Island are available online for your review.

Town meeting Oct 11  ― The Annual Town Meeting for the Town of Frye Island was held on Saturday October 11th at the Community Center at 9 am.  The Town Meeting Warrant and the Proposed 2009 Town Budget were posted prior to the meeting.

At the meeting 166 voting packets were issued for the Board of Island Trustees and 40 packets for registered town voters. This was a great turnout that generated a lot of discussion on the Warrant Articles.

The following people were elected to office:

·        Selectman – Jim Kuiken

·        Executive Committee – Dave Bond and Joe Potts

·        School Board Director – Oleg Svetlichny

With the exception of Warrant Article 7, all of the articles passed. Article 7, an article to raise and appropriate $50,000 through taxes for the Ferry Capital Reserve, failed.

The failure of Article 7 triggered the options available in Article 8 to determine the cost of ferry tickets for the 2009 season. By written ballot, 85 for and 25 against, the cost of a ferry ticket for a passenger car will be $30.00. However, tickets purchased at the office will receive a 50% discount. In other words, if anyone purchases a ferry ticket at the ferry trailer on the mainland the cost of a ticket will be $30.00. If anyone purchases a ferry ticket in the Town office the cost of a ticket will be $15.00 (minimum 5, maximum 20). The cost to transport other vehicles are detailed in Exhibit #1 of the Warrant and will be posted on the web site at the end of the 2008 season. Minutes of the Town Meeting are available online

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