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Town Meeting ― The Annual Town Meeting for the Town of Frye Island is scheduled for October 8, 2011 at 9am in the Frye Island Community Center. The Warrant and all of the related documents for Town Meeting are avaliable online. Voter registration will begin at 8:30am.

USS SPRUANCE ― Remember the activity in July with the crew of the USS Spruance? CMDR Westbrook, CO of the USS Spruance wrote a letter which was published in the Times Record News paper. In addition, Channel 6 did a piece when the Spruance sailed. Links to these two items are listed below.

Times Record:

Channel 6:

town charter amendment ― At the July Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting, it was unanimously passed to consider an amendment to the Frye Island Town Charter. A Public Hearing has been scheduled for August 13th at 9am in the Community Center. A copy of the draft Town Charter amendment is available online.

Storm / Ferry update ―  Here’s the latest as of Thursday morning Sept 1st:

From my observations this morning I would say that the power has been restored to the majority of the homes on the Island.

However, there are a few areas that still appear to be out. I don’t believe power has been restored to Island Road because there is a tree on the power line and it can not be removed because there is a car under the tree. The tree isn’t on the car but the tree can’t be removed until the car is removed, and the power can’t be restored until the tree is removed. We are waiting for the owner of the car to remove it before the work can continue there.

I don’t believe there is power at Emerald Point either as the line is laying on the ground along the right side of the road.

In addition, there are still a number of individual homes without power because the service was pulled off the house by falling trees or branches. The service will have to be reconnected to those homes before the power can be restored. Typically this needs to be done by a licensed electrician before the power company will reenergize the service.

Also, Leisure Lane is still blocked in the beach 1O area but the power has been restored to most of the homes around there. There is still a line on the ground in the same area, on Harbor Lane, near the intersection of Leisure Lane. I think it is the service for 374 Leisure Lane.

Other than those few areas power has been restored to the rest of the Island.

          Wayne Fournier, Town Manager             (Click on Old News link above to see prior Storm Updates)

Storm / Ferry update ―  Here’s the latest as of mid afternoon Wednesday August 31st:

CMP has been working here all day and they intend to stay until dark again. So far power has been restored to most of the Island. They are working on the southern end of Leisure Lane and plan to get that on tonight. Island Road is still off and there are a number of individual homes that will remain off because trees pulled the service from the house. The CMP crew is very reluctant to give us an estimate of when everyone will be restored but it seems that they are getting close.

I know many people are considering coming to the Island this weekend to check their homes and clean up there yards and I understand so I will try to have a better handle on the entire Island tomorrow and will post another status report then.

On a hodgepodge of other things:

  • I have to retract my statement that the dance had been cancelled. Power was restored to the Community Center today and the band was still available so the season ending dance is back on.
  • The pool has been closed for the season. There are a lot of leaves and twigs in the pool and we don’t have time to clean it out. This would have been the last weekend anyway.
  • I know a lot of people will be here this weekend to clean up their lots. If you pile the debris from the hurricane beside the road, (but not in the road), the Public Works crews will start next week to pick the stuff up. This is limited to leaves and branches. The stuff that can go on the brush pile only.
  • The meetings scheduled this weekend will go on as scheduled.
  • If you are still without power and are using a generator, make sure you do it safely. Do Not run it in an enclosed area, (house, garage, basement etc), and make sure it is not right under a window. The State toxicologist says it should be at least 15 feet from a window. Operated properly, they can be extremely beneficial; operated improperly, they can be deadly. Unfortunately, an elderly couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator on the Raymond Cape Road yesterday so please be very careful.  
  • The ice cream social scheduled for the Community Center has been cancelled.
  • The ferry is running the normal schedule, and the Town office is open as scheduled.
  • I believe the fun Field Day scheduled by the Recreation Committee is still planned for this weekend.
I think that is about it for now, I will have more tomorrow.

          Wayne Fournier, Town Manag

Storm / Ferry update ―  I will try to update everyone as of mid afternoon Tuesday August 30th.

I am at the fire station. The have the generator running and DSL so I moved the server and my computer up here. Calvin is using my computer for the payroll and I am on my laptop which has wireless.

We took a pretty good hit Sunday. At about noon, we shut down the ferry service, and it stayed down for the remainder of the day.

There were many trees and wires down. There didn’t appear to be a lot of structural damage to homes but a number of electrical services have been pulled from houses, a result of trees hitting the wires. The following roads were blocked:

  • Ridge Road was closed by 2 large trees that fell across the road just north of Emerald Point. The wires held the trees from hitting the ground but it was impossible to pass.
  • There were additional trees down across Ridge Road right at the entrance to Emerald Point.
  • Emerald Point was block by about 50 yards up the road by a tree hanging across a wire and the main feed to Emerald Point was on the ground and or sagging very low all the way in to the circle.
  • Leisure Lane was blocked near beach 10, in front of Campbell’s cottage and again near Van de Hei’s. A pole broke and the wires and the top of the pole were, and still are, in the middle of the road. The road is still closed.
  • A large pine tree went down at the top of sunset (at Sibley’s) and took the main service to the Island down with it.

There were a lot of other trees down and or leaning on wires, and we had a total of 6 poles broken.

In addition, we experienced a 220 gpm water leak. With the heavy rain and wind this took the Public Works crew the better part of the afternoon to find. It wound up being in a trench at the west end of Sunset.

The fire station was open and manned all day Sunday. Chief Beaulieu and officer Matt MaGill were on duty all day and all night Sunday. Chief Steve Persson, Paul Bourque, Ruth Ann Bourque, Bobbie Aranyi, Joe Pancini, Sally Pancini were also on duty at the fire station. John Crosby, Rich Purtell, Harry Holgersen, Steve Kaplan and Willy Campbell were working with Public Works. I would commend them all for job that was done this weekend.

I rode in the cruiser with Chief Beaulieu and officer Magill. Joe Pancini and Paul Bourque rode in squad one. Our objective was to insure that there were no fires created by the downed wires and that the roads remained open in case there was an emergency event. We were able to remove a number of smaller trees that were blocking roads but some were too big and were left. Around 2:30 PM we had so many wires down that we called CMP through the Cumberland County Dispatch and had them secure all of the power to the Island. We were concerned with 2 things; 1 was the potential fire hazard with the downed power lines and 2, the Islanders that felt compelled to be out sight seeing during the worst of the storm. I was very disappointed in the judgment, or lack of judgment, of many Islanders. How no one got seriously hurt was a miracle.

The storm began to subside around 7-8 PM although the lake was still pretty nasty.

Monday morning the lake was quite calm and the ferry resumed operation. However, we had to operate both the mainland and the island gantries with generators. The generator being used on the Island turned out to be incapable of lifting the ramp so we swapped a smaller one that we had with Harry Holgersen for a larger one. I made a decision to let people leave the Island, but we reduced the ferry schedule to hourly, but I restricted traffic to the Island to employees and emergency vehicles until we had an opportunity to reassess the damage and try to get the roads cleaned up. I know this upset a few people but we didn’t need any more people running around the Island until we were able to get some of the trees cleared out. The DPW crew divided into 3 teams and, armed with chain saws, chaps and protective equipment, headed out to clear the roads. They actually did much better than I thought they would and with the exception of the pole and the power lines near the Vande Hei property on Leisure Lane, they were able to get all of the roads passable. Leisure Lane remains closed between Tamarac and Harbor Road. However, there were still areas a lot of areas that require caution when passing.

CMP came out this morning at 7:30 to assess the damage and returned with 6 replacement poles around 9:30. They started with the pole on Sunset. I have spoken with the CMP rep a couple of times to get an estimate of time before we have power back. He wouldn’t commit to anything. All he would say was that they (CMP) had 120,000 customers in their service area without power and we had an awful lot of work to do.  He hinted that it could be by Sunday, but could be a couple of weeks. I will be preparing something for Joe to put on the web-site. I am not sure what we do about the meetings scheduled for Saturday. The dance and the ice cream social have already been cancelled.

I just heard that there were 2 deaths on the Cape Road right near the ferry landing from carbon monoxide. I assume that were running a generator.

          Wayne Fournier, Town Manager

Storm / Ferry update ―  The National Weather Service in Gray updated us with the following information:

  •  The forecast remains essentially the same as John Jensenius addressed with us yesterday on the Cumberland County Conference Call.

  •  The Hurricane Track Cone is narrowing and the storm is anticipated to pass through New Hampshire and into Western Maine through Oxford County.  Thus, the storm should pass to the west of Cumberland County at about 2000 (8:00 PM) on Sunday evening.  When the storm enters New Hampshire and Maine, it will be at Tropical Storm strength.

  • Winds:  40-50 MPH sustained and gusts of 60 MPH (possibility of gusts of 70MPH along the coast).  Winds will increase Sunday morning and be at their strongest Sunday afternoon and evening.

  • Precipitation:  2-5 inches.  Rain will begin Saturday night and will increase Sunday morning and afternoon. 

We don’t know if we will have to shutdown the ferry service at some point on Sunday or not. Unfortunately, we don’t know when, nor do we know how long it will either. It will have to be a judgment call when and if it happens. As we have said, if you need to be off the Island to catch a plane, train or some other appointment; or, if you have medical issues that could be compromised by the inability to get off the Island, I would suggest that you consider leaving before the storm hits.

However, based on what we are hearing, we feel quite certain that we will loose electrical power at some point during the storm and it could be off for awhile.  We are not the highest on the priority list when it comes to restoring power.

The Fire Station on Independence Drive (near the golf course) will be open during the storm if anyone needs shelter. The Fire Dept, Police Dept, Public Works Dept and the Office will be in radio communication throughout the storm so if you need Emergency service call 911. If you have a non-emergency need for assistance please call 893-2810. The dispatcher will notify us and we will respond.

I wish we could be more specific about what to expect but we can’t. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

There is a caution for Island owners that have a septic system that utilizes an electric pump to lift the flow from the septic tank to a leach field that is on higher ground. If the CMP poser goes out, there could be a back up of sewage into the cottage if the septic tank is filled during the power outage.

Wayne M. Fournier, Town Manager

ferry usage notice  Because of Hurricane Irene, and the uncertainty of the track and timing, we can not insure the ferries will be able to maintain a normal operating schedule on Sunday and Monday. Safety will be our primary concern and it may become necessary to secure the operation completely until the storm passes.

The following graphic shows the path of the Hurricane Irene. Frye Island is on the Eastern side of the storm which is expected to be the worst winds (updated 8/28 am).

Storm Track 

Rainfall Forcast 

Quail Circle BOAT Tie up facility ― The Quail Circle Clean up which was postponed due to inclement weather on June 25th has been rescheduled for Saturday morning, July 16th at 8:30 AM. Bring a friend or fellow boater, a weed whacker, a pair of gloves and some muscle and join others who will be cleaning up the Quail Circle Boat Tie up area. The cleanup generally takes about 2 hours. Many hands make light work, so join us. Thanks.  

 Frye Island Marina Committee

Quail Circle BOAT Tie up facility  The Quail Circle Cleanup is scheduled for this Saturday June 25th at 8:30 AM. If it is raining at 8 AM the cleanup will be postponed until a later date TBA by the Marina Committee and will be advertised in the FINS.

annual plant sale  The Garden Club Plant and Bake Sale will be postponed until late June due to unforeseen circumstances. The combination of the chilly wet weather (not good for planting summer flowers) and late arrivals of Club members forced the decision. Please stay posted for further information. Claire LaDow has the Bobbex concentrate and pump bottles available if you need some. Please give her a call at 655-7730.

2011 ferry schedule  ―  The first release of the 2011 Frye Island Ferry Schedule has been posted online. You can view it by selecting Ferry from the menu bar above, and then select Schedule. The first ferry run is scheduled to be on Friday April 22nd. It may be postponed if the weather causes a delay in opening the roads and water system on the Island. Check back on the Frye Island website in mid-April to verify when the first ferry will run.

winter newsletter ― The 2011 Winter Newletter is now online.

CMP Smart Meter Installation  ―  CMP plans to install smart meters on Frye Island on May 11 or 12.  They hope to complete installation in one day.  There will be 9 installers with 1 supervisor working on the island. The following paragraphs describe the process to be used:

Smart Meter Installation Process

§ Postcards are sent to hard-to-access and commercial accounts 2 weeks prior to installation in the neighborhood, to allow customers to pre-arrange appointments if necessary

§ Installer attempts to notify customer of meter change before performing work

§ Door hanger is left to inform customer of work performed

§ If meter change is not presently convenient, customer may request the installer return later in the day or call VSI to arrange future appointment

§ Service interruption during meter exchange is typically less than 30 seconds

§ Some commercial accounts have service bypasses where service can be maintained while meter is changed

§ Traffic signal meters without service bypass or battery backup will be identified during initial meter change attempt for later coordination with local agency.

Hard-to-Access Meters

§ When meter is inaccessible, VSI will attempt three phone calls to schedule an appointment:

1.  During the day
2.  At night (before 8 pm) on a different work day
3.  On Saturday

§ If phone calls are not successful, a letter requesting access is sent to the customer, followed by an additional field attempt to change meter

§ If three phone calls and a second field attempt are unsuccessful, a final letter informing the customer that additional actions may be taken on their account is mailed

§ VSI will wait 7 days for the customer to respond to the final letter before returning the account to CMP to handle

Safety Hazards

§ Many meter socket problems/hazards cannot be identified until meter is removed

§ CMP has contracted with local electricians to respond quickly to repair problem, as an additional service to the customer

island opening  ―  Information updated 4/26/2011

To All Frye Islanders:

We will be opening on Friday the 29th as originally planned. The first ferry will start at 7:00 AM. and will run until mid-night. Please note that the schedule that was posted on line indicates that we will have a second boat running on Friday evening and again on Sunday afternoon but we will not be able to run that second ferry this weekend. We still have the Leisure Lady on the haul-out trying to get it inspected and painted but the weather this spring hasn’t cooperated.  The crew has it covered in tarps with heaters inside trying to dry it out but I am not sure it will be ready. The operating ferry will shuttle as necessary.

We will be implementing the new eTicket system this weekend. Bar coded tickets purchased and not used last year will be accepted in the new system. If you had an EZ Ride account the ID card you were issued last year will be accepted as well. If you still have some of the old colored tickets please bring them into the office for credit towards the barcoded tickets. Once we have worked the bugs out of the new system, we will open it up for others to establish EZ Ride accounts.

The water system has been placed in service. All of the cottage connections have been completed on the new 3 inch distribution line installed on Ridge Road last year.  We have now completed the installation of the new distribution line, including the cottage connections on Independence Way, High Point Drive, White Way, Sunset Drive, and Ridge Road. We have also completed the north end of Leisure Lane from the intersection of Sunset to Timber Road. We will be working on the rest of Leisure Lane this season. CAUTION….when we put the water system back in service we disinfect it with a heavy concentration of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) so make sure you flush the line out before connecting your cottage. You can do this by opening the valve at the street and let the water flow for a couple of minutes before you connect the pipe to your cottage. We have flushed them a number of times but there may be some localized pockets remaining.

Most of the roads are in pretty good shape but there are some places that are still soft. The lower areas around Birch Road, Paddock Circle and Beach View are especially wet with standing water. In addition, many of the shoulders are still very soft so please be careful. We certainly need some nice warm sunny days to dry things out.

We are trying to get the docks in at the Marina but I don’t think they will all be in before the weekend. I was told they would be almost in by the end of the day Friday and would be finished up on Saturday. If you bring your boat up this weekend please don’t put it at the Marina until all of the docks are in. It makes it difficult for the installers and your boat could get damaged.

The office will be following the same schedule as last year. We will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00AM until 3:00 PM and closed on Sunday and Monday. Our first day will be this Friday. The Code Enforcement office will be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning next Tuesday May 3rd.

The fire works have been schedule for Saturday night July 2nd beginning at dusk.  

Once final thing….a bobcat has been spotted on the Island this spring. We assume it came over on the ice. You might want to be careful letting smaller house pets out unattended.

I want to thank all of the island crews for their effort to get the Island open this spring. The weather hasn’t been the best but thanks to their effort everything is in pretty good shape. Let’s hope the weather this summer is as good as last year and everyone has a great summer.

See you soon, Wayne

island opening  ―  Information updated 4/15/2011

To All Frye Islanders:

Well, I have some good news and some bad. First the bad news…..we definitely are NOT going to be able to open the Island on the 22nd. But the good news is we will be able to open on the 29th if everything goes as planned. Thanks to the warmish weather, heavy rain and breezy conditions the ice is gone and John Crosby was able to get a ferry to the Island yesterday (Thursday 14th). There are still some patches of snow and ice in the shady areas and the roads are a bit soft; but all in all, the Island survived the winter in pretty good shape. We are expecting more rain over the weekend so that should help get rid of the snow that is lingering.

We pulled the Ellie Corliss from the water yesterday afternoon. She is on the haul out where some of the ferry crew are busy cleaning and painting her and John has scheduled a ship surveyor from Portland to inspect that ferry next week. As soon as the Ellie is done we will pull the Leisure Lady and do the same.

We have also scheduled a company from Limerick Maine to clean and inspect the potable water tank. They will be here Monday and hopefully be done by Tuesday. Once the water tank is cleaned and inspected we need to fill it and flush it and fill it again and disinfect it. This could take a day or more. Once that is done we will be able to start filling and disinfecting the distribution lines. We plan to start that process by the end of next week. We did find the power out at the East Pump House (where we get water for the system from the lake) but Central Maine Power Company was here today to repair that. That was the only area that had experienced a power outage.

We have some of the Public Works crew checking all of the roads but right now we really need some good warm weather and sunshine to dry them out. We do have a couple of men working on the new water line. We plan to complete the north end of Leisure Lane this year so John has a couple of guys working feverishly to get the new line in from the intersection of Sunset and Leisure down past Timber Road before the Island gets busy. The purpose of this rush is to be able to re-route traffic around the work area as best we can as we get into the installation later during the busier part of the season.

We have also spent most of the winter re-writing the ferry E-ticket system to provide a more secure and more functional system. We learned a lot last year and have used this experience to prepare a better system. We plan to start the season with the same EZRide accounts that were established last year to work the bugs from the system. Then we plan to open up the enrollment for all Islanders. However, the bar-coded tickets that were sold last year will be accepted by the new system until we are able to set up accounts for everyone. If you had an account established last year the ID cards you were issued will be accepted in the new system. And, if you have paper tickets left over when it comes time to establish an account, we will credit your account the value of the tickets. I will be working next week to transfer all of the data from the existing accounts, including the account balances, to the new system.   

I hope everyone has a happy Easter season and we look forward to seeing you when the Island opens.


island opening  ―  Information updated 4/11/2011

To All Frye Islanders:

I am sitting at the ferry trailer peering through the fog at the ice covered lake and thinking that there is no way we are going to make it to the Island in order to get it open for the 22nd of April. I received an e-mail from Chief Beaulieu on Saturday indicating he had spoken with an ice fisherman that reports 14" with 10" of quality hard ice on the southern side of the Island between the Island and Indian Island.  This fisherman estimated a minimum of 2 weeks until ice out. In addition, Carl Bloom, (He owns the home on the point adjacent to the ferry landing with the airplane.), told John Crosby that he has been monitoring “ice out” for 30 years and, in his opinion, we still have a couple of weeks to go. 

Based on these estimates and our observations, I can assure you that we WILL NOT have the Island open for April 22nd this year.  We will do our best to get it open on the 29th.  We are supposed to get some rain and fairly warm weather this week so that may accelerate the ice out process so with any luck we will make the 29th. Don’t forget, we still need 10 days to 2 weeks to get the Island ready once we can get there. As I said in an earlier message, once we are able to get to the Island and assess the work required to open, we can better determine the opening date.  I will keep you all informed of our progress via e-mail and the website.


island opening  ―  To Frye Islanders:

I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the opening day. It tends to mark the end of winter and the beginning of a new season. However, as I have said before, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature to determine when we can actually open. The scheduled opening has historically been the last Friday of April, which would be the 29th this year. We have committed to trying to get the Island open this year on Friday April 22nd, but the report that I got today didn’t sound very promising. The process required to get the office, the water system, the roads, and the ferries ready for service takes about 2 weeks; so we need to get there by next week to make it happen. All I can tell you at this time is that we will do our best, but you will have to monitor the website for updates. Once we are able to get to the Island we will have a much better idea of when we will be able to open for the public. Please check the web-site for the updates and don’t call the office. Once the conditions allow us to get to the Island everyone is going to be very busy relocating the office, preparing the ferries for service, the roads for traffic and filling, disinfecting, and placing the water system in service.

Thank You, Wayne   

Blue Line

Posted: 04/28/2012