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Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th In 2011, a new law which established a cut-off date for accepting absentee ballot requests became effective.  Requests for absentee ballots for no cause must be received by your town or city clerk by the close of business on Thursday, November 1st. 

Citizens may register to vote at their local town office until Election Day and at their polling place on Election Day.  Beginning on October 17th, voter registration applications must be submitted to the Registrar in person.  To register to vote, a citizen must provide proper identification and proof of residency. 

Here are three documents from the State of Maine related to the November elections:

  1. General Election
  2. Referendum Election
  3. Statement of Maine State Treasurer

Any questions regarding elections or voter registration should be directed to your local town or city clerk.  Thank you.

sad6 notice ― A Notice has been released indicating that volunteers are being solicited for the SAD6 Budget Avisory Committee.

maine lakes report ― The 2011 Maine Lakes Report produced by the Maine Volounteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) is now available online. It provides a great descripton of the process of monitoring the water quality of Maine lakes.

usps click-n-ship ― The U.S. Post Office has a great service that should be handy for Frye Islanders. It is called Click-N-Ship. You can send Express or Priority mail packages directly from the Island, no need to use the ferry. You need a computer & printer on Island. You can request that the package be picked up (picked up free) at the Frye Island Post Office building. The Click-N-Ship link on the Post Office website does a good job of explaining the service.

2012 town Meeting ― The 2013 Town Meeting is scheduled for Saturday October 6, 2012 at 9am at the Community Center. The links for the meeting information (Warrant, Budgets and Charter Amendment)  is contained on the Town Meeting page on the website.

2012 Voter Ledgers ― The FII Stockholders meeting is scheduled for saturday September 1st at 9am. The Town of Frye Island Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday October 6th at 9am. Both meetings are held in the Frye Island Community Center building.

The Voting Ledgers for FII Stockholders and Town Board of Island Trustees (BIT) have been updated for 2012. The information about the voting procedures and the two Voter Ledgers are online. Check out this information to see if your listing is correct.

2013 town budget draft 1 ― The 2013 Town Budget was presented at a Public Hearing in the Community Center on Saturday September 1 by Town Manager Wayne Fournier. A copy of the Draft 1 2013 Town Budget is online. The budget will be finalized later this month by the Executive Committee, and placed on the warrant of the October Town meeting

couple rescued off Frye Island ― A vacationing couple is lucky to be alive after their boat capsized Tuesday August 28th in Sebago Lake, according to Paul Bourque who towed the 16-foot rented sailboat to safety. See the attached article for details.

state of the lake report ― The Portland Water District has released  the 2012 Sebago Lake State of the Lake Report. It hsa some very interesting information for Islanders to review.

Draft Town Charter Amendment  A draft Warrant Article modifying the Town Charter was approved by the Town Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee on Saturday July 14, 2012. It will be presented at a Town Public Hearing on Saturday August 11, 2012 at 9AM (immediately before the Board of Selectmen / Executive Committee meeting). The goal is to have the final version of this draft Article on the October 2012 Town Meeting Warrant.

moose on the Island ― There have been multiple reports that we have moose on the Island. The attached photo is from Islander Wendy Brown, shot on June 29, 2012:

Moose Photo

sad6 budget vote ― The result of the June 6th vote on the SAD6 is avaliable online.

Ferry Boarding Ramps When we opened on April 20th we were concerned about the low lake level. Well we have gone from one extreme to the other. Since that opening day, the lake level has increased 3-1/2 feet to a point where we are about at the upper limit of the mainland gantry system. (As an aside, that 3-1/2 feet increase amounts to approximately 30 billion with a “b” gallons of water).

Anyway, the purpose of this notice is to alert you to the potential problems boarding the ferry. Because of the extreme angle of the ramp we are having vehicles with trailer hitches (without trailers attached) hitting on the ramp. If you were planning to bring a boat up this weekend you might want to think twice about it. You could very possible get hung up on the ramp, or we might be forced to deny access to the ferry with the boat attached. It is virtually certain that your boats outdrive or outboard motor is going to hit the ramp which could result in serious damage. In addition, if you drive a vehicle with low clearance it could also pose a problem. If you were to get hung up on the ramp it could not only cause considerable damage to your vehicle, it would shut down the ferry.

If you haven’t been here for a couple of weeks you might think I am blowing smoke, but trust me the lake level has risen 2 feet since last Saturday. I am not suggesting that you not come to the Island but I am suggesting that you consider the consequences if you planned to bring a boat or if you drive a vehicle with low clearance. We may have to deny access to the ferry. We can’t afford an incident that would shutdown the ferry. The Ferry staff and the Public Works crews are doing everything they can to maximize the availability of the gantry system and the ferry. But as usual, Mother Nature will ultimately prevail. Your cooperation will be genuinely appreciated. I know that I don’t have everyone’s E-mail addresses so if you are talking to a friend or family member, please let them know.


a word to the wise I know we have been very concerned with the possible consequences of a low lake level. But, as you can probably imagine, with all of the rain we have had recently the lake level is now over 266’ MSL which is close to being normal for this time of year. We have noticed that a number of Islanders that installed their docks when the water level was lower might be in trouble now if the lake gets rough. I am sure you know how rough the lake can get so I want to alert you to the danger your dock may be facing if it is too close to this higher water level. I would urge you to double check your docks to insure you are sufficiently above the water level to withstand a rough lake. If the lake takes your dock out it could be very costly to replace it.

In addition, we had a boat sink at the Marina while tied to the slip this weekend. I want to thank Chief Beaulieu and the members of the FI Fire Department and the Raymond Fire Dept that responded to this incident to raise the boat and to mitigate the gas spill that resulted. I assume the amount of rain we have had lately contributed to this. So, I would urge you all to double check your boats to insure that everything is working properly to prevent this happening to you.


Lake Level Graph

Dock Height Photo

Maine Lake Water Quality ― There is an Maine organization responsible for monitoring lake water quality, working under the auspices of the Maine DEP, i.e. the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP).  A copy of their 2010 Maine Lakes Report is online for review.  Check out the following  video produced by Steve Underwood to hear from a VLMP water tester (make the video full screen for best viewing): Frye Islander Joe Potts is a VLMP volunteer, doing water quality tests for well over 20 years.

Ken Bailey ~ Megunticook Lake Warden ~ VLMP tester

Ken Bailey ~ Megunticook Lake Warden ~ VLMP tester

 About this video:
"Mini-doc on Ken Bailey, Lake Warden for Lake Megunticook (Camden, ME). Beautiful footage from underwater & above. Demonstration of secchi disk test to record water visibility. Fish, loons, lakeside footage at dawn and dusk... Shot with a Canon 7D [in a Nauticam NA-7D Housing (underwater)]."

u.s. 2010 Census  The New York Times has a very interesting webpage showing the results of the 2010 Census by State, County and Census Tract. Click on the map below to be linked to the webpage showing the details:

US Census Graphic

island opening update - 4/18/12

Fellow Islanders,

This will be the final update before we open. The first ferry will run at 7:00 AM on Friday April 20th. I have attached the schedule to the message this time (I forgot it last time). Please pay close attention to the ferry schedule for the first week because the ferry operation will be a bit limited. We were not able to get the full crew here this first week so we will be operating with reduced man / woman power. In addition, we are still trying to get the ferries ready for service. The Leisure Lady is on the haul-out now. We had to sandblast and paint the interior surfaces of the compartments as a result of an insurance inspection. The contractor is just about finished with the Leisure Lady and we hope to have her in the water tomorrow. Then we will have to do the Ellie Corliss. This means that for the first couple of weeks we will only have one ferry in operation. We will get everything back to normal as soon as possible; please be patient.

The water system is in operation but please make sure you flush the lines real well. If I were you I would bring some drinking water for the first weekend. As soon as the system gets some usage we should be fine.

The docks at the Long Beach Marina are being installed as we speak. They should be in by the weekend but I make no promises.

As I mentioned before, the Island is extremely dry. The fire hazard on the Island, like many places in New England and the east coast is at the maximum. In addition, it has been fairly breezy so, the slightest spark in the wrong place could result in disaster, so please….please be very careful.

The mild weather over the winter has allowed us to open early but it also has resulted in a few negatives you should be aware of. I was told that because of the mild winter the Tic population this year is expected to be very high and Tics are transmitters of Lime Disease. I have spoken to a couple of people that have been victims of this disease and it is a disease that no one wants to experience. So, if you are outside raking leaves or working in the yard, or if you have kids or pets that play outside, make sure you check for Tics often.

Also, when you get here you will notice that the lake is at a level more normally found in the late summer. With the lack of snow this winter and rain this spring (so far) there is nothing to fill it back up. It is not a problem for the Island at this point but it could be later in the year if we don’t get some precipitation and it could cause some navigational issues as you boat around the lake this summer.

As in the past, the office will be open from 9AM until 3PM Tuesday through Saturday. I want to remind everyone again that boats and cars and trailers can be re-registered on line. You can also get fishing licenses on line now. If can find a link to these services on the website. Unfortunately, we can not do golf carts on line yet.

If you plan to come up this weekend drive carefully and have a safe weekend.


Winter FINS & annual report

Fellow Islanders: I know the big question in everyone’s mind right now is when will the Island open? The Island is scheduled to open the last Friday in April (April 27th). However, in light of the very mild winter, we are hoping to open a week earlier than scheduled. This assumes that we don’t have any problems and Mother Nature continues her kind ways. At this point that is not a guarantee so please watch the website for future updates. We plan to get the Public Works crew, at least some of them, to the Island on April 9th. We will have a much better idea of the opening then.

I have asked to have the Annual Report / Winter Newsletter posted on the website. We no longer publish and send paper copies so please inform your friends of this posting. I will send an email notice to everyone that I have addresses for but I know I don’t have them all. Have a safe spring and I will see you on the Island soon.

Wayne M. Fournier, Town Manager

death notices

Islander Ambrose H. Messervey, III, age 64, of Winchendon and formerly of Marblehead, died surrounded by his family on Tuesday, January 31st at Brigham & Womens Hospital, Boston. He was the beloved husband of Wanda M. (Caccasse) Messervey, with whom he had been married for 41 years. Born in Marblehead, he was the son of the late Ambrose H., Jr. and Margaret Madeline (McNulty) Messervey. He grew up in Marblehead. He graduated from Marblehead High School and was a four year member of the Marblehead Football Team. He also attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He served in Vietnam and was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. He lived in Winchendon since 1979.

After Vietnam he worked as a sales representative for Nabisco. He then worked as a clerk in the U. S. Post Office in Clinton, starting in 1986 and retiring in 2002. He was a life member of the American Legion, and a member of the Gerry 5 and the Marblehead Sea Scouts. In addition to his wife, he leaves a son Brenden A. Messervey of Winchendon, a daughter Monique E. Messervey of Boston, three sisters Suzanne M. Dodge and her husband David W. of Marblehead, Judith E. Cross and her husband Richard W. of Beverly Farms and Michelle M. Irving of Marblehead, a granddaughter Raschelle J. Messervey of Clinton, his beloved Shih Tzu Curley Q, and several nieces, nephews and cousins. He was also the brother of the late Marcia M. Buswell and her late husband Ralph.

A funeral service was held in the Eustis & Cornell Funeral Home 142 Elm Street, Marblehead on Friday at 1PM. Burial in Waterside Cemetery, Marblehead.

  Islander Harold "Don" A. Hadley, age 83, passed away Friday, February 03, 2012 at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.
Don was born September 13, 1928 in Martinez, California, a son of the late Harold Albert Hadley and the late Louise Buchanan Hadley.

Don was raised in Northern California and graduated from University of California Berkley with a BS in Business. He began his career with Uniroyal in California as a Salesperson and later advanced to North East Regional Director based in Connecticut. While he was employed with Uniroyal, Don relocated to several areas of California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Don eventually settled on Frye Island, Maine, where he spent the summer months with his family. While living on Frye Island, Don played a key role in the development of the area by constructing many residences and being employed as an Agent and Broker with Kranin Real Estate. Don purchased a home in Myrtle Beach in 1985 where he spent the winter months and later became a full time resident to the area in 2007. Don was a true gentleman and will be missed by many throughout the country.

In addition to his parents, Don is preceded in death by his wife, Margaret "Maggie" Johnson Hadley; his daughter, Lauretta O'Connor; his brother, Robert Hadley; and his companion, Lona Cobb.

Survivors include his daughter, Jerri Lynn Dudics and her husband, Joseph, of Porter, ME; son-in-law, Jim O'Connor of Chelmsford, MA; two brothers, Jack Hadley and his wife, Anita, of Santa Rosa, CA, Robin Hadley and his wife, Gail, of San Raphael, CA; his sister-in-law, Vivian Hadley of Tiburon, CA; and five grandchildren, Jesse Dudics and his wife, Renee of Newtown, CT, Jolyne Dudics of Bethel, CT, James O'Connor of Portsmouth, NH, Michele O'Connor of Chelmsford, MA, Corey O'Connor also of Chelmsford, MA.
The family will host friends from 6:00-8:00 PM Monday, February 06, 2012 at McMillan-Small Funeral Home.Per Don's request no formal funeral service will held. An online guest register is available at

  Islander Bill Jackson died on January 15, 2012. On Friday, January 20th, his family will receive friends from 5:00-6:30pm at the Hayes-Huling & Carmon Funeral Home, 364 Salmon Brook St, Granby, followed by a reception starting at 7:00 pm, celebrating Bill’s amazing life. The reception will be held at the Doubletree Inn, 16 Ella Grasso Tpke (Rt. 75), Windsor Locks.

Bill Jackson (50), of North Granby, died of a massive heart attack while vacationing with his wife Darlyne in Mexico. Bill filled the lives of so many people with his wit, kindness and intelligence. His proudest accomplishment and a true testament to what an amazing person he was, was raising his two children, Zac Jackson (currently residing in Indianapolis) and his daughter, Alexandra (Zandy) Jackson (North Granby and Ada, OH). Their success in life was his greatest treasure. Bill loved his life and lived it well. The outpouring of love and support from so many people confirms that he did everything right while on earth and we are soothed knowing he died with no regrets and no stone left unturned. Bill graduated from Pulaski High School and UConn. He was the co-owner of Boway Express in East Granby. Besides his wife, Darlyne, and his two children, Zac (and his fiancé, Amanda Artese) and Alexandra (Zandy), he leaves behind his parents, Joan and Bill Jackson of St Augustine, FL, his brother and best friend, Bob Jackson , His sisters, Joan, Sue and Lisa, and a large extended family and friends that adored him and are devastated by his loss. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Bill’s name to the Granby Lions Club, PO Box 191, Granby, CT 06035. He valued his affiliation with this outstanding group of men.

 Islander Joe Braga Sr died January 4, 2012. He was in hospice at the time with his family was by his side during his final hours.  The family indicated that there is not going to be a wake.  He did not want one, and requested to be cremated. 

   Islander John Meyer died at home of heart failure on Nov. 29, 2011; see Portland Press Herald Obit for details. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011, at the Windham Hill United Church of Christ, with the Rev. Dr. Richard Muir and the Rev. Sally Colegrove officiating. Arrangements are under the direction of the Dolby Funeral Chapels in Windham. Burial will be at a later date at the family plot in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass.

island opening update - 4/14/12

As promised, we will be opening the Island on Friday April 20th. I have attached a copy of the ferry schedule for the season which includes the weekend of the 20th. Please…..please …….please note that there will be a limited schedule for the first week because we only have 2 licensed captains available. In addition, we will not have both ferries running for the first few weeks. An inspection of the interior compartments identified some necessary work which is in progress but will not be finished before the Island opens. We will return to the scheduled 2 ferry operation as soon as both ferries are available.

The docks at the Long Beach Marina are supposed to be installed next week but I will let you know for sure after they are in.

We moved the office to the Island Friday and remarkably, the computer system started up well.

On Saturday April 21st we will hold a special Public Hearing in the Administration Office at 9 AM to hear comments on the liquor license application for the new owners of the Frye’s Leap Store and Café.

Again, if you plan to come to the Island the first week, please realize that the ferry captains will be putting in some long shifts and we will have new people filling some of the positions so there may be some delays.\

The water system has been put into service. However, as I mentioned before, we have to over chlorinate it to disinfect it after being shutdown all winter so make sure you flush your lines well before using. If you can smell the chlorine flush it some more an ddon’t drink the water.

I will send out another update next week.

I hope you had a good winter and we look forward to another great summer on the Island.


Island opening update

Fellow Islanders:

I am pleased to report that we will definitely be able to open the Island by April 20th. The first ferry will start at 7:00AM. Unfortunately, I can’t post the first weeks schedule yet because we are still trying to determine who will be available that first week so that we can establish the crews needed to run the ferries. We should have this information by the end of this week.

The Public Works crew is getting the Island ready for occupancy. A word of caution……it is necessary to over chlorinate the water system in order to properly disinfect everything. We do flush the main lines a number of times to reduce the chlorine levels but there are bound to be areas in the system that remain highly chlorinated so when you connect your cottage to the system make sure you run the water for a while to flush your water lines.

We have scheduled to start moving the office back to the Island on Friday the 13th. That is a little bit scary because we don’t always have very good luck getting everything working once we move back to the Island but let’s hope Friday the 13th will be a lucky day for that move this year.

I will let you know by the end of the week how things are progressing.


Blue Line

Posted: 04/29/2013