Accident On the Island ― There was a golf cart accident on the island recently. Click here for details.

Patricia Jean Dalzell Graham Patricia Jean Dalzell Graham
Patricia Graham age 66 of Naples, ME passed away on July 26, 2013 after a long courageous battle with cancer. Her faith and inner strength amazed everyone who knew her. She was born in Springfield, MA September 7, 1946 the daughter of the late Dorothy Bancroft and Edward Dalzell. Patti had graduated Ludlow High in 1965.

She enjoyed spending time with her family and friends, gardening, painting, poetry (which was published). She also worked for Property Management Co. in Portland, ME for a time. Shawnee Peak, and Frye Island as 1st mate. In the past few years becoming ill, she worked part-time as a ticket agent.

Patti is survived by her husband Stewart Ross Graham Jr. of Naples, four children from previous marriage. Patty Thomas of Carrabassett Valley, ME, Richard Pinz of White River Junction, VT, Laura Pinz of Portland, CT, Donna Doyle of Marion,NY. 1stepson Alan Graham. 1 brother, Edward Dalzell of Lake Charles, LA 10 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters.

sad6 budget warrant  ― The Budget Warrant for SAD6 is available online for your review. A Budget Meeting is planned for May 30, 2013 at 7pm at tje Bpnny Eagle Middle School.

Danger on LAKE ICE  ― As the ice forms on Sebago Lake this year, anyone thinking about going out on the lake should consider the danger. This year on Rangely Lake there were four deaths of snowmobilers and three are still missing. Here are some ice guidelines that were published in the Boston Globe:

Ice Thickness* Permissible Load

3 inches         Single person on foot
4 inches         Group in single file
7-1/2 inches   Passenger car (2-ton gross)
8 inches          Light truck (2-1/2-ton gross)
10 inches        Medium truck (3-1/2-ton gross)
12 inches        Heavy truck (8-ton gross)
15 inches       10 tons
20 inches        25 tons
30 inches        70 tons
36 inches        110 tons

*    Solid clear blue/black and lake ice
Slush ice has only half the strength of blue ice.
Strength value of river ice is 15 percent less.

For New, Clear Ice Only

2" or less   -   STAY OFF
4"               -    Ice fishing or other activities on foot
5"               -    Snowmobile or ATV
8" - 12"      -    Car or small pickup
12" - 15"    -    Medium truck

island opening status  Message from Island Manager Wayne Fournier:

If you have been watching the web cam you have probably seen the ferry running back and forth to the Island. Our efforts to get all of the projects finished in time to open on the 26th, while competing with Mother Nature has been challenging but we are gaining. As you probably know, we added 2 additional rings to the water storage tank last fall. We were able to seal and paint the interior of the tank then but we ran out of time to do the outside. We had to wait until this spring for that. We hope to have that finished today so that we can start filling the tank and then start filling the distribution lines. Without any problems we should be able to get that done by the end of the weekend.

We also had a ferry on the haul out last year to sandblast, inspect and paint. We found a few welds that had to be repaired and we were unable to get that finished so we are trying to get that done now also. We may not have it ready when we open on the 26th. If we only have one ferry please be patient. Everyone is doing their best.

The Island itself weathered the winter fairly well but it is extremely wet. Most of the roads are soggy at best and some are actually closed because we can’t get through them. Needless to say, the Public Works crews have not been able to work on them yet. They are getting the necessary materials to the Island so they will be ready as soon as we can access the wet areas.

We hope to move the office this week end if all goes well and we get water. It usually takes us the better part of 2-3 days to get everything moved and up and running again.

If you are hoping to get to the Island early…. “forgettaboutit”. We should be ready for the 26th though; but I am guessing there will still be some pretty soggy roads so everyone will have to be very cautious.  

For the golfers among you, Dana reports the course made it through the winter quite well. None of the greens were damaged by snow & ice and there was no standing water on the fairways but they are still very wet and won’t support any traffic including golf equipment and golf carts. He did say that he planned to start mowing the greens today though which is a good sign.  

What we really need are some warm sunny days to help dry everything out but the weather forecast for this afternoon is rain. I will have a better idea next week so I will let you know how we are doing Monday or Tuesday.

See you soon,


Winter ISLAND Work  ― Here are some photos of work being done on Frye Island over the winter period:

New Tank Tank Sections
New water tank sections being bolted
together on existing foundation
Existing Tank Sections
Old water tank sections being lifted
Taller Tank
Water tank with old sections installed
on top of new sections installed
Leisure Lady II getting sand blasted
with two coats of primer

Blue Line

Posted: 06/10/2013