There are installations of cameras to monitor the traffic entering the Frye Island Ferry. The ID and Password to gain access are user and user, respectively. There are a limited number of ports for people to use, so PLEASE DO NOT STAY LOGGED ONTO THE CAMERA for a long period of time.

The cameras use two different technologies, Java for the Island cameras video feed, and ActiveX for the Mainland cameras video feed.  For the island cameras make sure you are using a relatively modern browser and have Java installed.  For the mainland cameras, you can get a single image (as opposed to a video feed) with any modern browser and Java.  However, if you want a live video feed,  you will be forced to use Internet Explorer as ActiveX is not available with any other browsers.  If you are having problems with Internet Explorer and the mainland cameras,  the following Webcam Instructions may help. These instructions have been shown to work on a Windows 7 computer and Internet Explorer 9 browser.

The following photos are examples of the camera views:

Mainland Ferry Landing Cameras

Camera 1
Camera 2

Island Ferry Landing Cameras

Camera 3
Camera 4

Blue Line

Posted: 06/16/2012